Club baseball leaders getting ready to “ball out” this spring

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The 2019-20 Boise State Broncos club baseball team hosted three series at Hawks Memorial Stadium in their fall season. After starting out four losses  — three to Weber State and one to Gonzaga — the Broncos managed to bounce back and win the next four, but dropped the last game of the season, giving them a 4-5 record overall. 

The club baseball team has three team leaders in Noah Souza, Justin Giesige and Bryce Vaughn who make up three of the seven returners on the 22-man roster. The three leaders also serve as club administrators. 

Souza is in his third year at Boise State and mans many positions out on the field, including catcher, first base, third base and outfield. Giesige is in his second year at Boise State and plays outfield, infield and catcher. Lastly, Vaughn plays outfield.  

“We’re going to work on all aspects of the game: defense, pitching and hitting,” Souza said. “We saw improvement in all three throughout the fall. But sharpening those things up because in the spring time all the teams are going to be prepared to play us because we’re a big school. [As] Boise State, everyone is going to want to beat us.”

All three of the leaders share a common goal for the upcoming spring season: they want to get to regionals after barely missing it last spring by just one series of games. Provided that they learn from their performance in the fall, the leaders like their chances for regionals. 

“Hopefully we can see it all come together and have a winning season, and hopefully make it to regionals,” Giesige said.“I think there is a lot of potential out there, and hopefully [we will]just work on everything and improve.”

The club baseball team will start traveling to games in their spring season, and plan to visit many schools in the West. In their division, they travel to the University of Montana, Washington State University, Weber State University, Idaho State University and Utah State University. Traveling to games plays a large role in strengthening a team’s bond, and team chemistry is a huge part of success for the Broncos.

“[What] I’m looking forward to most is our travel trips. I love those and they are really fun,” Vaughn said. “If we get a lot of guys coming back, I feel like we could be pretty competitive and have a chance at taking the division.”

Learning and improving are some of the most common things young teams talk about when the season is first getting started, but this team seemed different. Not only were they talking about learning and improving on all aspects of the game, they all have the same mission, which is to win the division and go to regionals. 

The Broncos’ club baseball spring season will kick off with a tournament at Memorial Stadium on March 6, 2020. After that tournament, the regular season games will start on March 14 against University of Montana, also hosted at Memorial Stadium.   


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