Bubble soccer bounces into Homecoming week

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Boise State students rolled, bounced and flipped around in big, inflatable balls at the first annual bubble soccer tournament last Thursday, Nov. 2. 

The bubble soccer tournament was put together as a part of Homecoming week events.  Bubble soccer is played like normal soccer, but players wear a large, inflatable bubble on their shoulders that covers their entire upper body.

The tournament featured two teams of five facing off in a double elimination tournament. The field inside the Caven-Williams Sports Complex was divided at the 50-yard line, which created two fields for games to be played at the same time.

Photo by Jeff Hokenson.

Many students and Greek organizations showed up to play in the tournament and to root for their friends.

Jack Estrada, a freshman studying health sciences, showed up to support his fraternity, Alpha Kappa Lambda.

“I’m just here to support my boys,” Estrada said. Estrada said he was also looking forward to seeing players get toppled over.

Running with a big bubble around you makes playing soccer a little more difficult and more entertaining to spectators. The bubble obscures your vision, which causes lots of collisions and bouncing. Sometimes this included accidentally knocking teammates over.

Casy Parrish, a senior studying health sciences, helped assist a goal in her first game of bubble soccer.

“It’s scary because it’s foggy, and you can’t tell where you’re going,” Parrish said. “The guys didn’t know there was a girl inside, so I got trucked a few times.”


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