Broncos eSports show strong start in collegiate League of Legends tournament

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Just a couple of weeks ago, the Boise State League of Legends team suffered a devastating loss in the Mountain West Championship tournament to San Jose State. At the time, the Broncos were coming off of a 10-game winning streak. Nonetheless, the loss still granted the team a spot in a 16-team best-of-one round robin tournament, and a chance to win the school’s first national championship. The tournament started on April 6 and concludes on April 13.

After day one of the College League of Legends Championship tournament, the Broncos finished a strong 2-1. The team came out the first game firing, with a seamless win over DePaul University. The game ended in just over 27 minutes with an elimination differential of 18-8. The key to the win, according to senior and top lane Alex Moore — better known as “NotKoba” — was the Broncos’ preparation heading into the match.

“We knew their top laner was their strongest player. Our game plan was to play around bot (lane), get them ahead, and not lose top (lane) too bad,” Moore said. “We were also able to out macro them and keep them in pyro.”

Freshman Robert Faricy, or “Llynx,” saw the reasoning for the Broncos’ success to be a little more simple.

“We knew we just had to play our game,” Faricy said. “We couldn’t get too caught up with what they wanted us to do, while also controlling the pace.”

After a strong showing in their first match, the Broncos went up against Michigan State, one of the better collegiate LoL teams in the entire country. Michigan was recently ranked No. 9 in the nation in an ESPN coaching poll. A win for the Broncos would almost guarantee them a top seed in their division. However, the Spartans ended up being too much for Boise State to handle.

“We just fell behind in the mid-game and weren’t able to come back,” Moore said.

Game number three for the Broncos saw a more relaxed Boise State team. The group was able to control South Carolina’s tactics from the start and support Dean Wood was able to do more than enough damage. Rather than defeat the University of South Carolina in a timely matter, the Broncos decided to take a frivolous approach.

“We’ve had a pretty stressful season with some ups and downs,” said junior jungler Derek Bryant, or “Adopted Lemons.” “Our gameplay wasn’t really us messing around, but rather just having fun.”

This Saturday, April 13, the Broncos will look to be one of the four schools to advance to the national tournament. The four opponents standing in their way include Columbia College (3 p.m.), North Carolina State University (4 p.m.), Drew University (5 p.m.) and New York University of Technology (6 p.m.). Students and members of the community can watch the Broncos for free at the Venture College Arena in downtown Boise. Games will also be broadcasted on .


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