BoVi Film Festival takes place at Boise State

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Student films and short films are two of the many stepping stones leading up to notability within the film industry, however, it’s sometimes difficult to find a showing of these films in a local theater or online. For film buffs looking for their next fix, the BoVi Film Festival is back at Boise State from April 12 through April 14. BoVi Film Festival film showings and events will be located in the Student Union Building.

This festival was founded in 2011 by associate professor of communication and media production Daehwan Cho. The goal of BoVi is to give students from Boise State and all over the world a chance to screen their short films in a professional theater atmosphere. Student filmmakers will have an opportunity to screen their films in front of a large theater audience with a chance of winning one of 12 awards.

BoVi aims to show off what potential Boise State student filmmakers have to offer. The incorporation of international student films allows audience members to gain understanding and insight on other cultures.

“I think it is very important for anyone to see student or amateur films. The up-and-coming filmmakers are the ones who are going to change the film world, and film festivals are where a lot of great filmmakers begin,” said Ashley Herman, president of BoVi Film Festival. “Coming to festivals such as this one allows people to almost see into the future and see where the film industry is headed.”

There are several short films that will be screened each night of the festival, and all shown films will be reviewed and selected by student judges for specific awards. Student films from Boise and around the world go through a submission process prior to making it into the screening block for this festival.

“We had over 3,000 submissions, so our little committee went through all 3,000 of those submissions to find the very best films, and the 30 that we ended up picking are just dynamite,” said Rulon Wood, an advisor of BoVi and media professor.

This year’s number of submissions was extraordinary, which is a testament to the hefty following the festival has gained not just within the city limits of boise, but internationally as well.

Hard work and diligent planning only scratches the surface when looking at the next level effort that the BoVi team has used to get the ball rolling. Two of the short films that were selected to be screened were produced by students from out of state, and both students will be attending the duration of the festival.

“I think it’s a good opportunity for the community to kind of see some of the more up-and-coming talent, and to just get an idea of how the students and what they’ve learned are to function in a professional setting,” said senior communication and media production major Megan Corcoran.


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