Boise State students organize the grand opening of The Meridian Canine Rescue

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The Meridian Canine Rescue, formerly known as the Meridian Valley Humane Society, is not only changing their name, but also their venue. The grand opening—which will take place on Saturday, April 8—will showcase the Rescue’s new location in Meridian, which provides better housing, play, exercise and meeting spaces for the dogs.

The grand opening was organized and planned by students in a Management 410 class, taught by Donald McNatt, as a part of their class assignments.

“Upon meeting with the Executive Director Jessica Ewing she wanted to conduct some type of an event to kick off their move to the new location,” said Scott Sailor, a business and human resources major senior. “So my teammates and I decided to put on a grand opening for them.”

All of the teammates also had personal reasons for choosing the project specifically.

“I was born and raised in Meridian, and so I’m thankful for what (the Meridian Canine Rescue is) doing for the community,” said Hailey Christensen, junior general business and human resources major. “I was personally drawn to this project because I’m a dog lover. I have a rescue dog of my own, and so I was happy to help out the Meridian shelter.” 

According to the student organizers, donation jars will be set up throughout the venue where people can support the various projects designed to improve the quality of care for the dogs.

“I worked as part of a team to organize the grand opening, and was specifically responsible for getting a photographer,” Christensen said. “Megan Shirley will be donating her time and talent for the event and document the day. I will also be putting together a small video of the event, as well as creating some different posters for the event.” 

Additionally, there will be a silent auction of goods and services. And, of course, dog adoptions will be going on during the event for attendees who are looking for a pet. Food and drinks will also be  provided.


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