Boise State students find opportunities to hit the slopes

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For Boise State students who love to ski, this season has been a disappointment.

Lackluster snowfall has meant canceled classes at Boise State and slow business at Bogus Basin, the closest ski resort to the University.

Boise State normally gives plenty of opportunity for students looking to ski, offering a couple of classes as well the Ski and Snowboard Club. Unfortunately, the snow this season has not lived up to expectations after a record-breaking season just last year. The lack of snow has affected Boise State’s classes and club.

The Ski and Snowboard Club hasn’t had too many opportunities to get up to Bogus, but has taken advantage of the snowfall at Tamarack Resort, 100 miles north of campus.

“This season has definitely not lived up to last year, but there is still enough snow up on the mountain to shred and have a fun time,” said Jeff Hockenson, a  junior media arts major and member of the Ski and Snowboard Club. “Some members of the club have been pretty disappointed with Bogus’s snowfall this season, but the recent little storms have helped out.”

Boise State canceled both of its spring semester alpine skiing classes because of the lack of snow as the deadline for students to drop classes and still receive a refund was looming, said Jim Sutton, coordinator of the kinesiology BroncoFit program.

Bogus Basin is known for offering good deals on season passes for students. A season pass for anyone over 18 normally costs $329, but with the student discount it costs $199. Bogus has no control over whether the snow season will be good or bad.

“We offer partnerships where our guests can enjoy different areas,” said Susan Sadd, director of community and customer relations at Bogus. “We joined the Powder Alliance last year, and that entitles Bogus Basin season pass holders to tickets to 15 different ski areas all over.”

The snow season at Bogus is finally starting to look up. The past couple of weeks, snow has been steadily falling, and the numbers of people going up have increased, with more than 7,000 people the last weekend of January.

“This has definitely been a tough year for Bogus Basin and for ski areas all over the West,” Sadd said. “We were very happy to finally get more snow the past couple of weeks.”


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