Boise State student, Sierra Bush, is missing


Boise Police officers are looking for a missing 18-year-old Boise State Student, Sierra Bush. Sierra commonly goes by the name “Simon.” Sierra was last seen Saturday, September 24, at a family home near Maple Grove and Goddard. Officers are looking for any information they can find to bring Sierra home safely.

According to the police report, Sierra is 5’6″ tall, with blonde hair, brown on the side. Sierra has blue eyes, is about 120 pounds and is of a small build. Sierra is also known to wear bowties, like in the picture below.

Investigators are asking anyone that knows Sierra, or anyone who may have any information, to contact authorities at 377-6790 or 570-6000.



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  1. have they found her yet or are they getting close. I am a mom and am getting even more worried. I don’t understand why it is not getting more FB and media time.

    • Autumn, my daughter has been close friends with Sierra all through high school and never heard her call herself “Simon” or identify as a man. “Simon” is part of her email name, something that helps her keep anonymous online. The bow tie is a quirky thing that she and her friends do that embraces their “nerdiness” and sef-confidence. She is a young woman in danger and hope that people are taking this crisis seriously.

  2. Mercedes Lampshade on

    she was my favorite person in my uf class. the only reason i came to class every day was because i looked forward to seeing her and talking with her and sharing our art. please find her

  3. Danielle Hollis on

    Sierra is a girl. I have been best friends with her for 7 years. We created a “Find Sierra Bush” group on Facebook that currently has 736 members, helping to find her. Many of the missing posts on facebook had 2.3k shares yesterday, probably more by now. If anyone wishes to help, you can join the group on facebook too.

    • Danielle Hollis on

      I’m sorry for how I put my last comment yesterday. I am mainly saying that in this case of Sierra missing, we are searching for a person who PHYSICALLY identifies as a woman. We don’t want to have a confusion of people looking out for a young man. Although it is also important for people to know that Sierra does go by the name Simon.

  4. Althea Fackrell & Alicia Harry on

    Any updates? We must keep this alive until Simon is found. It is believed she was seen on September 28 at the Idaho Transportation Department on Chinden Blvd. She was inquiring about the transit bus schedule. She seemed nervous and quiet, sort of out of it. She was wearing a white hoodie. It was approximately 4 PM. She left and went west bound down Chinden.

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