Boise State Softball determined to have another record-setting season

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Heading into a new season, the mood for the softball team’s 2017-2018 goals cannot be set without the history of their recent seasons. After a last place finish in 2016, the 2017 team was determined to change their outcome by developing the motto “Flip It.” Starting in the classroom and the community, the team set out to “flip” their motives and, ultimately, their record.

“We set a team record in GPA and a record for the athletic department of almost 1,000 hours of community service,” said head coach Cindy Ball. “We were number one in the nation for turning a program around from one season to the next.” After these accomplishments, the team was able to reach their first postseason appearance in Bronco history.

All of these statistics contribute to their motto for this year: “We Are What’s Next.” Though their last season was noteworthy and brought the team more recognition, they do not want to settle, according to Ball. For this team, there is no offseason. Over the summer, a majority of the team was out on the field throwing, hitting and conditioning every day. Even with no coaches present, the girls were able to keep their goals in mind and motivate themselves and each other. In the midst of national coverage and top 10 rankings in offense and double plays, there is still much more to come.

“Every year is a new team. As a coach, we don’t want them to get satisfied. We are getting a lot more exposure, but what’s next?” said Ball.

With more experience, offensive and defensive strength and increased confidence through preparation, the team is ready to get back into the fight for success. The 2017-2018 season has brought an abundance of young talent, as well as wisdom from experienced seniors.

“Watching the freshmen play is awesome,” said senior pitcher Kelsey Broadus. “I can’t wait to see what they can do. I see so much in all of them.”

Another new addition to the team is senior infielder Madison Anthony, who just transferred from Oregon State University.

“We are hoping to send the seniors out with a bang,” said senior infielder Rebekah Cervantes, who was named All-Mountain West First Team for 2017. The young team should bring a limitless amount of energy and spirit to the dugout, ultimately aiming the program in a direction of positivity and persistence.

Though their official championship season does not start until spring, the team has a tough fall schedule ahead of them. After facing Northwest Nazarene in Nampa on Sept. 15, Boise State will face No.3 ranked University of Washington at home (Dona Larsen Park) on Sept. 22 at 3:30 p.m. Determined to perform just as well as last year, if not better, the softball team is bound to add some serious excitement to this year’s Boise State athletics.


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