Boise State soccer falls to Colorado College

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The Boise State soccer team was looking to extend their lead at the top of the Mountain West standings while hosting the Colorado College Tigers on Friday, Oct. 25 at the Boas Soccer Center.

The Broncos took a tough 1-0 loss against the Tigers on the first game of their final regular season home stand, marking their third loss of the season. They were able to come back on Sunday, the team’s senior day, and pulled out a 3-2 win against Air Force.

Heading into the game against Colorado College, the Broncos had a one-game lead at the top of the Mountain West conference. The Broncos started off the game slow, letting Colorado College hold most of the possession time for the first 10 minutes. 

Sophomore goalkeeper Sydney Smith made her first save of the day at the 10-minute mark, giving the Broncos a switch of momentum to drive down the field and attempt to score, but they did not find the net. Not long after that, Boise State had an opportunity for a goal with a corner kick by senior midfielder Mckenna Kynett, but it went just long and out of bounds.

Around the 31-minute mark, senior forward  Kristina Serres crossed the ball towards the goal, but her shot was saved by the Tigers’ goalie.  The Broncos’ missed opportunities early in the game was one key factor of their loss. 

“I think we put forth a good effort, but this is the crunch time of the season and we can’t afford mistakes like that,” Serres said. “We’ve worked our butts off the entire season to get where we are and gain that separation in the front. So we definitely need to work to maintain that and clearly we were unable to do that today.”

The game slowed down for the rest of the half, keeping the score at 0-0 at half time. Colorado College led shots on goals with five, while the Broncos only had two.

“I think that was an underwhelming performance by us and even in the second half when there were brighter sparks from an intent side, there was still something missing and we will have to face that on video tonight,” said head coach Jim Thomas. 

As the second half started, Boise State and Colorado College battled for possession most of the time until a penalty led to a scoring opportunity and a save by Smith at the 55-minute mark. The save gave an energy boost to the Broncos. 

The rest of the half involved multiple switches of possession, keeping both sides on their toes and looking for any opportunity to score. The first and final team to score on one of those opportunities was Colorado College at the 82-minute mark – a goal which the Broncos did not answer. 

Boise State responded to their loss on Friday with a 3-2 win on Sunday, Oct. 27 against Air Force on senior day. The match ended their last regular season home stand with a win. The Broncos will go on the road next week for their final game of the season against Utah State for a season title on the line before they make another appearance in the playoffs. 

“I’m excited to show what we have that wasn’t shown to its full extent today,” Smith said. “So just be ready for Boise State.”


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