Boise State Secretary of Student Organization Affairs position filled

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The executive team of Associated Students of Boise State University (ASBSU) is starting the year off with a brand new member on its board. Sophomore biology and pre-med major Veronica Camargo was officially voted in by both the executive and assembly teams as the new Secretary of Student Organization Affairs. Camargo replaces former Secretary Justin Doi for the 2017-2018 academic year.

Justin Doi: Former Secretary

Senior political science major Justin Doi explained his decision to step down from the position during the summer.

“I left mainly for academic reasons,” Doi said. “I have an internship–with Hilltop Public Solutions–where I am involved with running two campaigns, and I knew that was going to take away a lot of the time I was going to have from ASBSU.”

Doi received this opportunity–which was not presented until after his campaign and election–over the summer.

“I had to make a very difficult decision as to whether or not I could commit the proper amount of time to ASBSU and the constituents. I didn’t want to just give 70% of my time,” Doi said.

However, Doi explained he is still pursuing his original goals outside of ASBSU in order to better the student experience at Boise State.

Justin Doi has left his previously-held position at Boise State to pursue other academic and community goals. Photo courtesy of ASBSU.

“Because the last two secretaries have done an exceptional job structuring the funding board, my focus was on things outside the board,” Doi said. “What I have noticed is a lot of what I wanted to do then, I can do now outside my position.”

Doi’s original platform included increased communication with–and about–student organizations, as well as making it possible for students who participate in student organizations to apply for academic credit for their club.

“This is something I feel like I owe the student body,” Doi said. “About 900 people said that’s what they wanted, and I want to fulfill this. I want to serve the student organization population.”

Doi explained his passion is to help students explore and expand their experiences, and he would not be opposed to the idea of running again, if a need presented itself. However, he has full confidence the new secretary is more than ready for the job.

“The role requires a good manager, and I believe Veronica will do an amazing job,” Doi said. “I have good faith she is very well prepared to do the job.”

In Doi’s absence over the summer, it was the president’s role to appoint an interim appointee, who then got voted in by both the assembly and executive teams.

“I think with every person that is in office there are different priorities, I think (Camargo) should do what she sees is best so she can contribute to the school in her own way,” Doi said.

Veronica Camargo: Appointed Secretary

Over the summer, Veronica Camargo received a call from ASBSU President Sienna George, asking her to step into the interim position of secretary. Earlier this month, she was voted into the secretary position. She is now the head of the Funding Board.

“Historically, the previous secretaries have run the Funding Board as efficient and as code-based as possible,” Camargo said. “They are making all decisions based off of the code to allocate funds to student organizations.”

The financial code is a 20-page document explaining what student board is, what the roles of the funding members are and the roles and positions as well as the guidelines they have to meet when making decisions regarding club grants, joint grants and other rules.

Camargo explained her main priorities are to run the Funding Board as efficiently as possible using the code and to improve and enhance the student voice on campus.

Veronica Camargo (right) sits back down after being elected unanimously to her new position. Photo by Brandon Rasmussen.

“All the funds we disperse are what full-time students pay for in fees and I have the responsibility to disperse that,” Camargo said.

She continued to say this is in line with the rest of the ASBSU executive team’s goals of getting closer to students and enriching their voices and opportunities.

“My main focus is working on the smaller things like the board, the website and the code,” Camargo said. “We are changing the ‘get funding’ page on ASBSU’s website so it is more user-friendly and holding new info sessions throughout the year where students can get the information as to how to apply and get funding. I have asked to attend those sessions so I can meet the students.”

There are also smaller changes in the works, such as the use of inclusive language during hearings. The board has begun opting for “you all” as opposed to “guys,” “first year” as opposed to “freshmen,” and declaring pronouns when they introduce themselves.

“All of exec. went through an inclusive language training and I really liked it, so I am passing it onto the funding board members.”

Camargo, who was involved in student government in high school and has held leadership positions on campus, expressed she is excited to further serve the student population.

“I have found the most happiness when I knew I had done all I could to improve the student experience,” Camargo said. “I am excited to work with all the incredible students and organizations I have met.”


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