Boise State Rec Center experiences ongoing maintenance following fee increase

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As classes begin at Boise State, the Rec Center will return to its normal school-year level of business, where several students can be found inside at any given moment during open hours. Given its near constant use, the facility sees a fair amount of maintenance every year, with this semester being no exception.

According to James Hermes, assistant director of facilities and operations, one of the larger projects being taken on this year includes the roof over the pool complex, which was found to have a leak during the Spring 2017 semester.

Although the Rec Center’s administration have been aware of the issue for some time, issues with the roof’s warranty have kept the project from being completed until this semester.

The roof over the aquatic complex is slated to be repaired by the end of the semester. Photo by Axel Quartarone and Taylor Humby.

“Whenever you have to do any roofing projects, that has to go directly through the State of Idaho’s Division of Public Works. Unfortunately, it’s not something I can just contract out,” Hermes said. “It is something that is taking a little longer than we hoped, but we’re currently working with Architecture and Engineering services on campus to get that done.”

Hermes went on to say there is no current timeline on the completion of the project, but they aim to have it completed within the semester. In the meantime, students are still able to use the pool uninhibited.

In addition to the roof, Hermes said there are plans to replace the light fixtures throughout the building, in hopes of improving the lighting situation. Returning students may also have noticed the lobby has also been remodeled.

“One thing our director has been working on is making the lobby a bit more of a welcoming space, where students can walk in and have updated information about programs and things going on in campus recreation,” Hermes said.

Photo by Axel Quartarone and Taylor Humby.

According to Luke Jones, the director of Campus Recreation, these repairs and renovations come along with an effort over the last few years to increase the amount of student fees that are directed toward the Rec Center and its maintenance. This led to the raising of the Rec Center student fee by $4 dollars, which began this semester.

“Currently, the funding is not sustainable. We are underfunded by approximately $250,000 per year,” Jones said. “With the $4 increase, we are able to keep current hours of operations, replace some weight equipment, continue to offer low-cost trips in our Outdoor Program, keep our fitness classes free and make some repairs to our aquatics showers in the men’s and women’s locker room.”


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