Boise State Involvement Fair introduces students to local organizations

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Every semester, the Jordan Ballroom in the SUB becomes the gathering place between students showcasing their interests and students searching for new experiences.

This scene, put on by the Student Involvement and Leadership Center (SILC), is a bi-annual event that shows students what their options for local involvement include. Clubs, which are run by students and community organizations—including local non-profits—reach out to new and existing students. Last year, over 100 community and student organizations were showcased to over 1,000 students who attended, according to Campus Program Coordinator Melinda Stafford.

“This is an opportunity where students can meet directly with club members as opposed to just the academic departments. They can get more information to make connections and get involved,” Stafford said.

Sophomore marketing major Mallory Jones, programming assistant for the event, said it is easy for any club or group to reserve a spot in the fair. In order to showcase their group, Existing organizations have until Aug. 26 at midnight to submit a short online application found on Orgsync.

The benefits for organizations–and students–are seen in the ease of networking between students visiting and the organization representatives, according to Stafford. The beginning of the school year may be overwhelming to some, but this event creates an organized setting for incoming and continuing students alike.

“Student clubs can get exposure and promote what they do. We get a lot of feedback from clubs regarding an increase in membership. It’s a great way to get the organizations to evolve and thrive,” Stafford said.

Stafford went on to say there is also incentive for students of all grade levels to attend. Students that get involved on campus feel like they belong and, because of this, tend to graduate sooner. To encourage students to attend the fair, SILC will be giving out refreshments and bags to collect papers and merchandise, 20 of which contain tickets for the “Splatter Party,” a campus-wide spirit party on Sept. 15.

Courses may require service hours or internships, and this is the best gateway to forming a connection to campus and Boise because of its interactive nature, according to sophomore Health Science major Libby Smith, who is the other programming assistant.

“This is a perfect way to find service opportunities, internships, and hobbies,” said Smith. “We are also going to have a booth to learn how to create your own student organization, an opportunity not many schools provide.”

Paige Drennon, senior communication major, has both helped with and participated in the fair. She believes that it is worth the time for the clubs to get their names out and for students to be welcomed back to campus.

“Even if you are not interested in clubs it is worth to check it out—it takes two seconds to walk through,” Drennon said. “It’s a valuable social setting, even for juniors and seniors.”

This year, The Involvement Fair will take place on Aug. 30, from 2 to 5 p.m. in the Jordan Ballroom.


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