Boise State Dance Marathon prepares for its annual charity event

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The Dance Marathon team exceeded a large fundraising goal on Jan. 16 by raising over $26,000 in a single day. By hosting small fundraising events leading up to their main event of dancing for 12 straight hours overnight, the club raises funds for St. Luke’s Children’s Hospital every year.

The student-run organization was created in 2013 in which they raised $5,000. Just five years later, in 2019, they raised just over $208,000. This year, the group’s total goal is $216,000, which will put the fundraising total for the past eight years at $1 million. 

The total raised will be revealed on Feb. 29 at 10 a.m after the Dance Marathon concludes.  

“I feel pretty confident. We have a good team this year of people who are dedicated to the kids, not even to raising our goal, but they are very dedicated to helping as much as they can,” said junior psychology major Megan Pfohl, vice president of Dance Marathon.

The organization starts its fundraising and recruitment early in order to raise money before the event. Raising money in one day is a larger event that Dance Marathon does, along with their Grilled Cheese Feed on Jan. 17th. They also partner with businesses in the community for give-backs, like Dutch Bros. Coffee. 

Additionally, Greek life holds a great impact in the success of Dance Marathon. Executive team members often go to Greek chapter meetings and talk to members about the importance of their involvement. Since this community is one of the largest on campus and focuses on philanthropy, it is utilized to spread the word of Dance Marathon in a significant way.  

“We had kind of an unspoken ‘competition’ between the frats and sororities to see who could raise the most,” said senior biology major Tessa Steele, a former Alpha Gamma Delta member. 

Although it may seem like the majority of Dance Marathon participants are in Greek life, everyone is welcome. 

“Any student attending Boise State is highly encouraged to get involved and attend the event,” said senior health science major Anna Welsh, Dance Marathon president. “Although a lot of Greek life attends, it is most definitely not just for Greek life. I’m not in a sorority, but found my home, my best friends and my passion in Dance Marathon.” 

This year, students have the option of texting “camp dm” to 51555 to register. They will then be sent a registration link. Students can sign up as individuals or with a team. 

“Teams are big for Dance Marathon,” Pfohl said. “It’s a lot easier to be like, ‘All your friends are signing up, why don’t you sign up?’”

Dance Marathon is a great way to meet new people, have a unique experience and raise money for a local cause with a passionate group of fellow students.

“I loved it. I am amazed by the people who can do it all night. When you’ve been dancing all night, the last hour or two is rough. But, you’ve made it through the night, you need to push through and stay until the end. It is so worth it when you see how much money you raised for all the kids” said Steele. 

This year, the event will begin at 6 p.m. on Feb. 28 and end at 10 a.m. on Feb. 29. 

For more information on Dance Marathon or to sign up, visit their website at


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