Boise State Chinese Club hosts annual China Night

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By: Michaela Warner

Boise State’s Chinese Club put on their annual China Night to celebrate the Year of the Dog this past Sunday, Feb. 11, from 6 to 9 p.m. in the Student Union Building.

This year’s China Night included traditional and ethnic group dances, Kung-Fu, a magic show, Chinese church choir performances, Korean dances and traditional Chinese food. Boise State students also presented Chinese folk songs and a Taekwondo demonstration.

According to Amy Bennett, Boise State’s Chinese Club president, this event was meant to give students a taste of what a Chinese New Year celebration is like.

“China Night was created to help spotlight chinese culture, as well as bring in many different aspects of other East Asian cultures,” Bennett said.

Bennett also said the annual event brought in the biggest audience the club had ever seen. The turnout was so large that they ended up running out of chairs and food.

Bennett went on to explain how she became involved in the club.

“I have taken Chinese for a number of years and became thoroughly interested in the culture,” Bennett said. “A few classmates invited me to come to China Night a few years back, and since then, I have always been here. Two years later and I am now the current president.”

Jiahang Li, a Boise State alumna and China Night performer expressed how much she enjoys the annual event.

“The first time I ever came (to China Night) was in 2012 when my friends dragged me along,” Li said. “I’ve got to see it progress throughout the last 5 years. Tonight was definitely the best one yet.”

The Chinese Club is open to any student, and more information about the club can be found on Orgsync.


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