Boise State Ceramics Club celebrates Valentine’s Day with yearly mug sale

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Ceramic sculpting has been around for thousands of years and has been utilized for both artistic sculptures and the creation of household items, such as bowls, plates and mugs. Unlike many art forms, ceramics is a small subset of the art community that has many uses and functions that may go unnoticed by most people. This is one of the many reasons for the creation of the Ceramics Club at Boise State.

The day before Valentine’s Day, Feb. 13, from 12 p.m. to 3 p.m., the Ceramics Club at Boise State will be hosting a mug sale. This is the first year in which the Ceramics Club has had its sale on this day of love. Mugs of all shapes, sizes and colors will be sold at this event with a price range from $10 to $25. Each mug will come with a complimentary refreshment once purchased.

The Ceramics Club has been present at Boise State since before 2012 with a large number of students from all types of majors taking part in what the club has to offer.

“What’s great about ceramics as a medium is that, because it didn’t enter the realm of fine art until the 20th century, the whole community is pretty small and intimate, so the club’s really just oriented to foster that sense of community here at BSU,” senior Mike Vincent, president of the Ceramics Club, said.

Toward the middle of every semester the Ceramics Club hosts an event in which handcrafted mugs made by the students are sold. The Ceramics Club decided to shake things up a bit by adding a holiday theme to the sale this year.

“We choose mugs as the staple form for our sales because they are generally an easy thing for us to make, and everyone likes a good mug,” financial officer Emily Farrar said. “We have both wheel throwers and hand builders in our club, and the variety of mugs that come to our sale is always fun to see.”

This sale will give them opportunity to sell their crafted work to the students and faculty of Boise State, practicing their craft in a real-world situation.

Professor of arts and ceramics and faculty advisor of the club Caroline Earley expressed her excitement from the students and their work leading up to the sale.

“They’ve been making mugs like crazy for the past few weeks,” Earley said.

The students of this club want buyers to know they have put not just their time into preparing for this event, but their heart and soul as well. By incorporating the theme of Valentine’s Day into this semester’s mug sale, the club has put a new fresh look on their yearly event. The students and teachers at Boise State have the opportunity to help these passionate students.

The club hopes that the fun Valentine’s theme will encourage the Boise State community to come out and support their campus organization while finding the perfect give for their loved ones.


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  1. Hi! This was a nice article, but it is actually the second year the ceramics club has done a Valentine’s Day sale. My sister was the president last year and that’s when they started doing it.

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