Boise State beats Air Force for first time in four years

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Boise State defeated Air Force on Nov. 18, 44-19, breaking a three-game losing streak to Air Force.

Junior quarterback Brett Rypien had one of the best games of this season. He completed 16 of his 22 passes for 300 yards, throwing for three touchdowns and zero interceptions. Air Force’s offense struggled as they fumbled the ball five times, and Boise State recovered three of the five fumbles.

“It felt awesome. I felt like it was just a great team effort,” Rypien said. “We had a great leadership meeting on Monday, and talked about how we were going to get it done. We haven’t been able to the last three years. I thought everyone really came together. It was just a great team effort.”

Boise State finished the game strong with a rushing touchdown from senior Ryan Wolpin, putting Boise State up 44-19 with 1:42 left.

“We want to finish this year strong especially with Air Force, losing to them the last three years,” Rypien said. “We weren’t going to let up at all, that’s never our mentality going into a game.”

Boise State had been criticized by some people in the past for struggling to properly defend the triple option.

“We just kept it simple,” said sophomore safety Kekoa Nawahine. “We just read our keys and played fast. We’ve been seeing the triple option since spring camp.”

The offense was able to turn the short fields the defense gave them into scoring opportunities throughout the game.

“Our defense did a great job of giving us good field position,” Rypien said. “We would have liked to capitalize and get touchdowns out of some of those, but you have to give credit to Air Force; their defense is really good.”

Boise State clinched that Mountain Division Title of the Mountain West Conference earlier in the day when Fresno State defeated Wyoming. This result created a scenario in which Boise State will play Fresno State in back-to-back weeks. Boise State will travel to Fresno State next week, and then will play Fresno State the following week in the Mountain West Championships game.

“Our goal first and foremost was to win the Mountain Division,” Rypien said. “We’ve done that to this point, but now we have to turn our focus to Fresno State, and they’re a very good football team obviously. Unbelievable improvements from last year to this year, and we’re going to have to play them back to back. So we know that now and we have to do a great job of preparing for them and getting ready for them.”

Boise State plays Fresno State Nov. 25 at 1:30 p.m. on CBS Sports Network.


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