Author Tray Robinson

I was raised on a ranch in Nampa, and yet I've always had greater talents as a writer than an equestrian. I graduated with honors from, Columbia High School in 2011. From there I proceeded my education to the College of Western, where I would spend the next two and a half years changing my major, uncertain what I'd like to do with my life. Eventually I settled with a Liberal Arts degree, figuring that I would discover my true potential when I graduated. Unfortunately, after obtaining my Associates degree, I still had absolutely no idea what "I wanted to be when I grew up"; so (in an effort to avoid wasting money, when I didn't know what my major would be) I took the next year off of school, to find myself. Indeed it nearly took me the full year to realize what I wanted to do, but by the time the following summer rolled around I was certain that I wanted to be a movie critic, and I was ready to enroll in the fall semester of 2015. I am currently a Communications Major, with an emphasis in Journalism and Media Studies. Additionally, I am seeking a certificate in Cinema/Digital Media. Now that I have joined the Arbiter, I am confident that I am well on my way to becoming a professional movie critic.