ASBSU is holding a National Voter Registration Day event

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National Voter Registration Day offers citizens time to learn about their voting rights, update registration or register for the first time. National Voter Registration Day was originally created to assist the millions of citizens unable to vote in previous elections.. Last year, over 800,000 voters were registered, and this year the goal is to register even more.

On Sept. 24, students and faculty who register to vote will be provided with cake from 10:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. in the quad. The event will be hosted by the Associated Students of Boise State (ASBSU) to encourage the university community to participate in National Voter Registration Day.

Morgan Brummund, ASBSU government relations officer and student lobbyist, explained how the event came to be. 

“ASBSU believes in the power of the young person’s voice and believes that, in many ways, your vote is your voice,” Brummund said. “We would like to provide information and resources to students because voter registration can be a confusing process.” 

Brummund explained that, although being a member of ASBSU can be stressful, she believes  the team is making a positive impact on the university.

“I’m a member of ASBSU because I believe the student voice is extremely important, and we need to use it to create positive change on our campus,” Brummund said. “Voting allows you to have some say in what happens in your community, state and country. Policies and politics impact our lives every single day, and voting allows citizens’ opinions to be heard and represented.”

Voting matters to Maddie Van Sligtenhorst, a psychology major, as a student because she believes that her vote today will change tomorrow’s world.

“[Voting matters to me] but I’m not registered, because I don’t know how,” Van Sligtenhorst said. “It means that, in a way, my voice is heard. All [of]you [already]registered, go vote to speak for us dummies that haven’t registered yet, and go make a vote that will benefit our future.”

ASBSU President Kaleb Smith described the importance of events like these, because they remind students that their voices can be a catalyst for change. 

“We want to create a more civically engaged student body that understands the importance of voting and the impact that it can have on the world around us,” Smith said.

 As the president of ASBSU, Smith is the leading voice of the student body. With that voice, he has challenged his peers to be more engaged citizens

“To me, voting means having a voice, having the power to choose who you believe is the best person to lead the people,” Smith said. “But it goes a lot deeper than that. Voting also means that, as an individual, you matter to the society at large.”

ASBSU is challenging students to have their voices heard, and Smith encourages those who are not registered to take the first step to perform their civic duty.

“Voting is important, and what better day to register to vote than National Voter Registration Day?” Smith said. “You can be an agent of change in this world, and one of the best mechanisms to do so is by voting.”


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