ASBSU elections 2019

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Although the 2019 student government, or Associated Students of Boise State University (ASBSU), elections are sneaking up during the busy midterm season, it is a vital time for students to make their voices heard.

This year, the election packets opened Feb. 25 and will close March 15. There will be debates held on March 27 in the Bishop Barnwell room of the Student Union Building at 6 p.m., which will be hosted by The Arbiter. Finally, voting will begin April 2 at 12:01 a.m. and will close April 3 at 11:59 p.m.

Positions being voted on are president, vice president, secretary of academic affairs, secretary of student organization affairs and vice president of inclusive excellence.

“It is important to not only vote for students who have a vision for Boise State,” said senior political science major Kennedy Gelnette, “but who also have tangible goals to achieving their vision.”

ASBSU represents the student body to campus administration, distributes university funds to campus organizations and initiatives and generally advocates for the student body as a whole.

“ASBSU gives students and student organizations a voice in campus affairs and initiatives,” said elections manager Michael Gentile. “Being elected to ASBSU is also a great way for students to get involved during their time here, giving unique experiences and opportunities to develop your college resume and yourself as a leader. It gives you the opportunity to be a representative voice for the student population.”

According to ASBSU Chief of Staff Angela Aninon, the student government provides free legal services to students should they need it, and the Funding Board allows students and student organizations to host events, and attend conferences and workshops. It is responsible for awarding grants to different groups on campus.

Further, ASBSU can be an outlet for students to get involved on campus.

“…We try to implement policies through the Student Assembly, Exec Council, and IESC that will better the student experience in the university,” Aninon said. “Those students who are elected to (ASBSU) benefit immensely from their involvement. They learn more about the structure of the university and how to navigate it.”

The Student Assembly is one of the branches of ASBSU that exists to provide student representation for all academic departments and concentrated student populations, to disseminate important information to students and to deliver student opinion. Assembly members are elected by the executive committee through an application process based on their population. The vice president represents all students as the speaker of the house in the Assembly and in executive team meetings.

Aninon explained that students should care about who gets elected because these elected officials become their voice to administration. Every year, ASBSU tries to implement change on campus, so students must elect people who are passionate and driven to effectively represent the student body, according to Aninon.

Each position on ASBSU has an important role in shaping the future of our campus, she said. Additionally, the introduction of a new university president will be another reason for students to elect people who will be able to create strong relationships with the incoming president.

Although we recognize that not a lot of students are familiar with ASBSU, the organization itself has standing within the university,” said Kennedy Gelnette. The elected individuals will be the students advocating on their behalf for the academic year. Additionally, students need to be educated on candidate platforms and areas where they would like to make change while in office.”


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