ASBSU appoints new chief of staff, Cheyon Sheen, for the spring semester

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Before winter break, the position of chief of staff for the Associated Students of Boise State University (ASBSU) became available after the person in that position resigned. In the ASBSU code and constitution, it is stated that the president and vice president have the authority to appoint as needed.

There was no application administered due to the timing, and recommendations were taken from people within ASBSU.

“Our thought process was we have one semester for this person,” said ASBSU President Kaleb Smith. “We just want the job done well, we want the person to be a good teammate and we just want to finish the year strong.” 

The chief of staff attends all meetings throughout the week, monitors and optimizes the finances and funds within ASBSU. They are also the financial liaison for the Student Involvement and Learning Center (SILC), and they are a hired position on the executive team, according to the governing documents of ASBSU.

Freshman civil engineering major Cheyon Sheen filled the empty position for chief of staff. She served on the ASBSU sustainability committee during the fall semester and will spend her spring semester performing the duties required of her. 

Sheen worked with the committee to pass the Clean Energy Resolution during her first semester which showed her a preview into what ASBSU does.

“If I hadn’t had that involvement already, I wouldn’t have been as aware of what ASBSU does,” Sheen said. “And then just being on the sustainability committee and being able to pass the clean energy resolution was a big step for us and just really made me want to do more.”

Government Relations officer and student lobbyist for ASBSU Morgan Brummund has worked with Sheen on the sustainability efforts for their committee. Although she is a freshman, Brummund does not believe this will set her back as she serves in her new position.

“I think that her motivation and her desire to make positive change really is helpful for the team in general,” Brummund said. “I know she’s super responsible and I have no doubt that she’ll be a great addition to the team.”

Sheen returned from a week-long trip to Washington, D.C. where she attended a training held by Action Corps, a volunteer-led organization that works to advocate for people that are affected by climate change and violent conflict. 

Her interest in the environment and politics blossomed in her sophomore year of high school. During her biology class, Sheen claims that her teacher accused the students of not doing anything for the environment. After the talk, Sheen felt motivated to prove the teacher wrong. As a result, she developed the recycling program at her high school.

“At first it was kind of like I was just doing it to do it,” Sheen said. “Then as I researched and found all of the issues involved with the environment and how that affects the quality of our lives, I just became really passionate and felt like this is something I love doing and this is something that I feel needs to be done.”

As of right now, Sheen does not have concrete plans for her position but is going to take the next several weeks to see where she fits within the team so she can maximize her skills where they are needed. 

“I’m hoping to really just be able to be that in-between for everybody because the chief of staff attends all the meetings and I’m hoping to be able to see where I can help make connections for people and see where we can build better relationships,” Sheen said. 


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