ASBSU announces election results for 2020-21 team


Updated 3/20/2020 at 11:40 a.m.: ASBSU president Kaleb Smith, vice president Mikayla Melchert and ethics officer Reegan Jacobson released a statement with updated election results in an email to the student body. This article has been updated to reflect the statement’s verified findings for the race, which declare Angel Cantu and Cambree Kanala to be the 2020-21 ASBSU president and vice president.

The 2020-21 Associated Students of Boise State University (ASBSU) elected executive team has been announced. Voter turnout was 885 students this year, which is 5.9% of Boise State’s student population, according to an email sent by ASBSU. 

It was previously reported that the position of president and vice president was decided by only five votes with Carolina Zamudio and Shyanne Massie winning with 324 votes, 37.03% of those who voted. In that same report, it was declared that Angel Cantu and Cambree Kanala received 319 votes, 36.46% of voters and Astrid Wilde and Ann Snelgrove received 177 votes, 20.23% of those who voted for the president and vice president roles.

In an updated statement from ASBSU, Angel Cantu and Cambree Kanala have been declared the winners of the election with 443 votes, or 50.6%, with Carolina Zamudio and Shyanne Massie coming in second with 432 votes, or 49.4% of the vote.

Ryann Banks ran unopposed for the vice president of the Inclusive Excellence Student Council (IESC) and earned 749 votes out of the 885 people who voted for the position. In the race for secretary of academic affairs, Halima Hamud won with 453 votes, 52.55% of those who voted, and Leah Pinto received 367 votes, or 42.53%.

Kayla Magana received 481 votes, or 56.65%, to win the position of secretary of student organizational affairs, while Shelby Hickey received 315 votes, 37.1% of those who voted. 

The constitutional changes presented on the ballot received 676 votes in favor of the changes, which was 76.99% of all voters. Due to the passing of the constitutional convention’s changes, the structure of ASBSU will be changing.

The inauguration of the new candidates will take place virtually on April 23 at 5 p.m. More information will become public in the days before the event.  


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