Andrew Flores to give talk on LGBT issues in the United States

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Andrew Flores, an assistant professor in government at Mills College will be giving a talk, titled “LGBT in the United States: Demographics, Stigma and Social Change” on April 5th in the ILC at 4:30 p.m.

“My plans are to provide an introduction and overview of what we know about LGBT populations in the United States, what research shows about society affecting the health and well-being of LGBT people, and finally what research shows about changing social attitudes about LGBT people and rights” Flores said.

According to Flores, his research revolves around the LGBT community specifically regarding representation, public opinion, rights, and policies. He is also a Visiting Scholar at the Williams Institute at UCLA, which focuses on research regarding sexual orientation and gender identity law and policy.

After the talk, Flores said he will hold a Q&A session to allow a conversation to spark and hopefully lead to action from the students.

“There will probably be a lot of people there who have had some personal experiences and relate,” said Chris VanderStouwe, a linguistics professor and a member of the Gender Studies Advisory Board. “We were hoping to get some back and forth after the talk to flesh out some of those issues.”

He continued to say he hopes Flores’ comments will prompt students to think about the issue in terms beyond the gem state.

“It will be interesting to hear more about what happens elsewhere throughout the country and to think about what issues are affecting people not just in Idaho,” VanderStouwe said.

Flores hopes to see students understanding what it means to be LGBT, the importance of social acceptance and being LGBT in this political climate.

I hope that students receive a fuller appreciation of how social and political scientists have studies sexual orientation and gender identity and have a new or different perspective on sexuality and gender” says Flores.

Students who would like to find out more about the event can learn more at the event’s Facebook page.


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