All you need to know about new, current and future intramural sports at Boise State

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By: Seth Newville

With a successful fall season of intramural sports behind us, the spring semester is here. Fall offered a variety of competitive sports, such as soccer, flag football, spikeball and more. The spring semester offers just as much. Students looking for a competitive environment that gives them an opportunity to be active, meet new people, try new things or play sports they have always loved, may find what they are looking for in intramurals.

Basketball, volleyball and bowling may be in full swing, but for dodgeball fans, the deadline to register for the March 1 tournament is on Feb. 26. The dodgeball tournament is shortly followed by badminton, which takes place on March 1. These help kick-off our spring season, which also consists of soccer, flag football, kickball, softball and golf.

While these are sports we have seen in past years, Boise State is announcing new sports such as billiards—starting March 11—disc golf and a spikeball tournament, which are set to kick-off later in the semester. Daniel Fragel, who is in his first year as the Intramural Sports Coordinator at Boise State, couldn’t be more pleased with how things are going.

“We are excited with the addition of the Pre-Season Tournament as well as our current intramural sports, such as 4v4 volleyball, 5v5 basketball and bowling,” said Fragel. Those seasons are in full-swing now, seeing a large number of participants once again.

Fragel continued to say he hopes to bring that same atmosphere to students at Boise State, as he said he met many of his current friends through the program.

Senior Coleman Evans and sophomore Eric Lyon discussed the impact intramural sports has had on their college experience. Evans has played intramural sports throughout his time here Boise State.

“Intramurals are very suitable for college students in terms of time commitment and are a good way to stay active and have a sense of competition,” Evans said.

Boise State has already debuted the basketball preseason tournament, a new league for our students. The tournament has already come and gone, but students can expect to see it again next year if they didn’t get the opportunity to participate in the action this season. It gives teams a chance to get a couple games in, followed by a single elimination tournament concluding with a champion.

Intraurals can also be a good way to relax from a busy college lifestyle, giving every student a chance to compete. This was sophomore Eric Lyon’s favorite part of competing in intramural sports.

“I’ve competed in both intramural soccer and basketball here at Boise State and plan to play water polo and tennis in seasons to come,” Lyon said. “I especially love the setting: it is controlled and officiated, reminding me of high school sports.”

More information about the sports and registration can be found on the Intramural Sports page on Boise State’s website.


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