Albertsons Stadium to undergo east side renovation when funding is approved

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Boise State’s Athletics announced on Jan. 2 that they would be moving forward with plans to renovate the East Side of Albertsons Stadium.

As of now, there is no clear timeline of how or when the renovation will take place. It is known that the renovations will have no effect on ticket holders for the 2020 season. A timeline will be generated and announced when the athletic department determines how quickly revenue streams will be generated.

Along with this, the cost of this substantial renovation has yet to be announced. The cost will be available once the project is approved and put out to bid.

“The project will be funded with a combination of private fundraising and money associated with new premium season options,” the department wrote in a statement.

At schools with bigger athletic programs solely depending on private fundraising and premium seating to raise money for a renovation would not be an issue, but it will not be as easy for Boise State to generate that much money.

“We’re in a different position and that a program like Alabama, or LSU where the donor base is just enormous and our donors have been incredibly generous,” said Boise State University President Marlene Tromp. “Almost the first thing everyone said to me [when I spoke about coming to Boise State]is people know about our athletics programs and, especially, football. And so we have fans all over the country. And a lot of those folks haven’t been tapped to help provide support for our programs.”

Once approved, the East Side of Albertsons Stadium will go under a complete remodel. The athletic department stated that this will include “an exterior facelift, expanded concourse, upgraded amenities, premium seating, a brand-new academic center and a dedicated nome for BroncoLife.”

The remodel is Albertsons Stadium’s first since 2013 when the football facility was added to the north end zone. In the same year, both the north and south end zones were upgraded and the large video board was installed.

“It’s a rare opportunity to take on a project that will impact every student-athlete in our department and our fans,” said Boise State athletic director Curt Apsey in a press release. “That’s what is so special about the East Side Renovation. This project benefits everybody.”

Outside of the Stueckle Sky Center, Albertsons Stadium offers no premium seating. The East Side renovation will include new premium seating and a reconfigured lower bowl. Season ticket holders will have the opportunity to select new seats during the renovation process.

“Our mentality is about being in a constant state of improving and getting better,” said head coach Bryan Harsin in a press release. “That’s the entire ‘Attack The Future’ push that defines our program.”


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