Albertsons Stadium clear bag policy to be implemented in 2020


At the conclusion of the 2019 Boise State football season, a new clear bag policy will be implemented at Albertsons Stadium. This will enforce which types of bags are permitted into Albertsons Stadium at the entry to various events for the 2020 season and beyond.

The new policy is intended to speed up security processes at the gate of the stadium, as well as to increase security measures and safety for those attending events. 

Clear plastic or vinyl bags and containers that do not exceed 12 x 6 x 12 inches, and one-gallon plastic bags and small bags and purses that do not exceed 4.5 x 6.5 inches will be permitted. Prohibited items include, but are not limited to, large bags, backpacks, coolers and computer bags that are larger than the permissible size. 

Plans for implementing a clear bag policy have been discussed by Boise State security officials in the past; the announcement of official implementation, however, was not made until Nov. 15.

Texie Montoya, advisor and attorney for the Department of Public Safety at Boise State, explained that a clear bag policy was considered in 2013 when Boise State stadium security procedures, such as the use of magnetometers, were put into place.

“The magnetometers were, in part, a response to the legislation in 2013 that made it an actual law violation to enter the stadium with a weapon,” Montoya said. “Several years ago they were planning to do clear bags, or that was a discussion when the magnetometers were put in place but they kind of changed course on that.”

Boise State has several structures where large public events may frequently take place, like the ExtraMile Arena and the Morrison Center. This raises questions as to if and when this same policy will spread to these other event centers. As of now, there has been little indication of any extensive efforts to implement the new policy to other Boise State buildings, but it has not necessarily shown to be out of consideration either.

Joe Nickell, associate athletic director, explained that no other facility will be implementing the policy for the foreseeable future.

“The plan would be to extend this policy to other venues on campus in the future, but the only facility scheduled to go into effect for this next year is Albertsons Stadium,” Nickell wrote in an email.

Brian Thacker is the director of Ticketing and Events at the Morrison Center. He said the Morrison Center currently does not use magnetometers for events, rather guests are scanned with a handheld metal detector at the entry along with having their bags checked.

“Right now we are looking into buying the magnetometers,” Thacker said. “We were planning on doing it but then we replaced our executive director so we’re for that whole process to go out [first], but it is definitely part of our plan.”

Thacker mentioned that he has heard no word of the clear bag policy making its rounds to the Morrison Center as of yet.

“We don’t have a ton of bags that come in here because the events aren’t as long and people aren’t bringing in snacks,” Thacker said.

While football fans should begin to prepare for changes in the upcoming 2020 season, individuals who attend theatrics at the Morrison Center or Bronco basketball games at Extra Mile Arena will not be experiencing any changes in security procedures for the moment.


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