Intramural sports play a significant role in Boise State Greek Life

Photo by Niamh Brennan

Many would assume that Greek life and sports have little to do with one another, however, Boise State Greek Life has quickly become a staple in Boise State intramural (IM) sports. 

Whether it is to improve your social skills or strengthen your resume, joining Greek life has many benefits; now you can add playing IM onto that long list as well. 

Many Greek life students at Boise State find themselves participating in IM sports and competing against other chapters on campus. These competitions in sports leads to rivalries and helps improve the culture of Greek Life on campus. 

“It’s been the most fun and enjoyable part of my Greek life experience,” said Carter Hamilton, a member of Sigma Phi Epsilon (SigEp) said. “I love playing all of the sports, but especially basketball.”

Hamilton shared that IM sports has played a huge role in his college experience. He has played IM basketball all 6 semesters of his college career and played football during a few as well..

Greek life students, like Hamilton, find themselves playing in IM sports to compete against others and to make their Greek life experience more enjoyable. 

Due to all Greek chapters on campus competing against each other, rivalries tend to form and the “competition” can get out of hand, however this then creates a culture of community within campus Greek life that makes each chapter more tightly knit.

“It gives me the most joy in seeing PIKE (Pi Kappa Alpha) lose,” Ethan Jones of Alpha Tau Omega (ATO) said jokingly. “I have a lot of buddies in PIKE and it’s all out of love with me.”

IM sports brings out the natural competitive nature that most Greek life students have and provides a healthy way to settle any unwanted conflict within chapters.

“In the past there has been conflict with a lot of chapters on campus with intramurals,” Jones said. “But intramurals provide a healthy way where we can work out this conflict. If people have any beef, they can hash it out on the sports field.”

IM sports has that effect on many of the people playing as tensions are continuously high when on the court/field. The competition among all chapters is just part of the  culture. Two teams going into a game or match against each other with the mentality that their own chapter is better than the other, while all their peers are watching and cheering, makes the environment of IM sports to be electric.

“I just love watching the games,” said Zeta Tau Alpha (ZTA) sister Sydney Chappell. “They all take it so seriously, acting like each game is the Super Bowl.”

To the players, this is the correct mentality to have. Every game has an atmosphere that makes them feel like they are actually playing in the Super Bowl. With each of their respected chapters resting on their shoulders, the players play harder, making the sports competitive, intense and fun. 

“I’m usually just there to support my friends,” Chappell said. “They just get so into it.”

Sports are meant to be played with competitive spirit, fans who are supporting and a winning team at the end. Though IM sports are not the true indicator of what makes a good Greek chapter, they play a very important role in the culture of Greek life on campus at Boise State.

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