Treefort first timer: Tips, tricks and what I learned

Treefort is one of the most captivating and exhilarating events in the Boise area. But if you are new to Treefort and the bountiful amounts of activities happening around the Boise community, it can be one of the most overwhelming and stressful weeks of your life. 

No exaggeration.

As a first time Treefort goer, here are some things I wish I knew before the festivities began and also things I learned. 

Download the Treefort app

This was by far the most useful thing I utilized during the week. Throughout the week there are hundreds of different events. From performances, short films, artist talks, museums and so much more, it can be intimidating to try and figure out where to start. 

The app not only had a detailed schedule of every event going on, location and time, it also has a feature where you could create your very own schedule. This is a great chance to sit down and pinpoint every event that would be of interest and create a personalized schedule that you can also share with your friends. 

A welcoming community

There are very few communities that are more welcoming than Boise, which makes Treefort one of the most kind and inclusive music festivals I have ever been to.

The faculty and volunteers are not only kind, they are willing to help in any way they possibly can. Having had a lot of questions as to where to go for certain events as well as concerns as to when events started, the volunteers and staff were more than willing to help and also suggest other events based on my interests. 

Free events

The tickets for Treefort are, let’s face it, a bit pricey, which can make it difficult for the average person to secure their ticket to one of the most highly anticipated weeks in Boise. 

Although the tickets are a bit steep in their price, there are plenty of free events that are scattered throughout the Boise area during Treefort. Some of my favorites were the concerts at local breweries like Payette and Boise Brewing Company. 

To go along with the handful of venues that are free to the public, Julia Davis Park and Alefort  were open for the public as well as the multitude of food trucks that are located in the park. 

At the smaller venues, there is more opportunity to experience the intimate atmosphere of a smaller concert while also enjoying a conversation with friends and family. 

Be okay with going alone

Despite the constant FOMO that this generation gets, put together an itinerary that is useful and purposeful to YOU. 

Getting the opportunity to go to all the activities and events that are available is one of the biggest perks of Treefort. Learning and experiencing a myriad of different music, films, art and also food and drinks is such a learning experience.

With the strong and welcoming community that surrounds Treefort, the odds of making friends along the way is astronomical and unlike anywhere else. 


This Treefort week had a weather pattern that was nothing short of crazy. 

However, with the time of the year that Treefort falls on, it can be one of the more hot weeks of the early Spring season in Boise. With the potential to divulge in a few alcoholic beverages mixed in with the at times scorching spring heat and the good chance you will be walking around nonstop all day, the need for water and hydration is key. 

There are a few places around particular venues that provide water, however, bringing your own water bottle that can be filled up is a game changer. 

Pack light

However tempting it is to pack everything you may need, pack light. With the distance between particular venues and the sometimes confining spaces at some venues, it is best to pack only the needed essentials in a small bag, purse or fanny pack if possible. 

Though if you did need to bring a larger bag, there are no bag restrictions, just a quick bag inspection on your way in and you’re all set.

Be fashionable

Just as hip and trendy as Treefort is, the fashion is very much the same. 

Treefort saw a slew of incredible outfits and fashion icons and had no shortage of amazing styles. 

If you are looking to make your Treefort experience even better, sometimes you have to look the part as well. Dress in the fun and funky outfits you have tucked in the back of your closet and utilize any opportunity to show a side of yourself that is different and unique. 

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