Indie icons and punk pioneers: Female artists that shined at Treefort

Treefort Music Festival has made a name for itself by providing opportunities for both emerging and established artists to showcase their music to Boise’s growing community and music scene. As a woman passionate about the music I consume, my goal during Treefort this year was to see as many of the festival’s female artists, all-girl groups and female-fronted bands as I could. 

Although there were too many incredible artists and groups for me to see, let alone address in this article, here are a few of the women in music who made my first year at Treefort an incredible experience. 

Plum Vision

Plum Vision is a Boise-based band known for its eclectic blend of genres like riot grrrl, indie rock and psychedelic influences, consisting of locals Kiyah Henson, Ella Thurston and Megan Miller. The all-girl group has garnered attention in the local music scene and has performed at various venues and events, including the Underground Music Showcase in Denver and Freakout Fest in Seattle. Their music resonates with listeners seeking a blend of nostalgia and innovation, making Plum Vision a notable presence in Boise’s vibrant musical landscape.

Kiyah Henson, vocalist for Plum Vision, discussed how being in an all-girl band has affected her experience as an artist. 

“I feel like we’ve been taken in by the Boise music scene and I feel like people are really excited to have us play, being an all-girl band,” Henson said. “Especially being in a place that is more dominated by men, having a space where it is just girls and having that as your thing is very fun. It’s really cool to be in an all-girl space.”

Plum Vision recently released their single “Have It All”, a preview of what’s to come for the group’s sound, as well as evidence of their artistic growth and development. 

Henson hinted at what fans can expect from their upcoming album.

“The storyline of our album is wanting to run away and escape any kind of responsibilities that you have, to kind of chase after this power and control and other things, and about being okay with being a villain in that situation,” Henson said. “We put a lot more into the storytelling and cohesiveness of this, so it’s a little more dynamic than what we’ve done before.”

Plum Vision’s unique blend of influences, combined with their captivating performances and strong presence in Boise’s music scene, solidifies their status as a band to watch, while their upcoming album promises to further define their artistic evolution and narrative depth.


Glixen, a Phoenix-based band, is a dynamic force in the alternative rock scene, known for their genre-defying sound that blends elements of shoegaze, dream pop and electronic music. Formed in 2020, the group consists of Aislinn Ritchie, Estaban Santana and Sonia Garcia.

Aislinn Ritchie, founder and vocalist for Glixen, outlined details of her experience starting out in the music industry, particularly as a shoegaze artist. 

“In the beginning, especially in Phoenix, I felt not so welcomed,” Ritchie said. “I tried really hard to get myself out there. I was looking for a girl band but in Phoenix, it’s just minimal. It was really rare for women to be in this kind of music, but I think it’s growing, and there are so many more bands now with women and girl-fronted bands. I feel very accepted.” 

Ritchie discussed how important she and Sonia Garcia, bassist for Glixen, feel it is for women to get involved in the music industry. 

“I want girls to feel comfortable playing guitar and listening to this music, because this music is fully white-male-dominated … We’ve encouraged a lot of girls, it’s okay to f*cking like this music! I want more girls to buy pedals and play guitar.”

Glixen has emerged as not only a compelling musical entity in Phoenix’s alternative rock scene but also as an example of inclusivity and empowerment for women in the music industry. As they continue to push boundaries and defy genres, Glixen’s impact resonates far beyond the stage, shaping the future of the music community in Phoenix and beyond.

Plaid Panties

Boise-based band Plaid Panties is renowned for their high-energy performances and eclectic fusion of punk and garage rock. Comprising members Cora Aldridge, Nika Kovis and Sierra Duarte, the band has made a significant impact on the local music scene, captivating audiences with their raw passion and infectious melodies. 

Cora Aldridge, vocalist and guitarist for Plaid Panties, discussed how audiences have responded to them as an all-girl group. 

“It’s just been really powerful seeing how quickly people connect to our music, we were able to get a sort of following so fast because I don’t think there’s as many girl groups as are needed,” Aldridge said. “I was really surprised by the amount of momentum we had coming out of the gate.” 

Female artists in the music industry, particularly in the punk scene, face long-standing prejudices, stereotypes and negative conventions. Sierra Duarte, drummer for Plaid Panties, addressed some of these issues.

“Anytime a woman is good at something, it’s always within the measurement of her gender,” Duarte said. “Whenever a female picks up an electric guitar, it’s like, oh they’re like riot grrrl, like Bikini Kill, like El Tigre, and it’s almost like they’re not letting that individual express themselves beyond what we think a female with a guitar can do.”

With a growing following and a reputation for their electrifying live shows, Plaid Panties embodies the spirit of punk while pushing the boundaries of their genre. Their dynamic sound and charismatic stage presence have solidified their position in Boise’s music scene.

“I love being an all-girl band. I love all-girl bands. But I think sometimes it gets hard when you’re pigeonholed into a genre, just because you play anything under the umbrella of rock and roll.”

Treefort Music Festival has become a vibrant platform for showcasing diverse talents, particularly by highlighting female artists, all-girl groups and female-fronted bands. Groups like Plum Vision, Glixen and Plaid Panties not only create remarkable music, they also advocate for inclusivity and empowerment within the music industry, for artists and fans alike. 

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