The youngest city council in Boise’s history elected to serve the city alongside re-elected Mayor McLean

Photo by Niamh Brennan

Boise City Hall Lauren McLean was sworn in for another four years in office on Jan. 9 at 6 p.m. in the Council Chambers. This comes after her re-election in the 2023 mayoral race against Mike Masterson, Joe Evans and Aaron Reis. 

The council chambers were packed with supporters to witness the event, from families to Idaho State legislature committee members. The ceremony opened with the pledge of allegiance led by the Silver Sage Girl Scout Council, Troop 0981. Mayor McLean soon after took the mic to express her remarks before Idaho State Treasurer Julie Ellsworth swore her in. 

“Together we do what Bosians always do, and that is take care of each other, plan for the future. Do what we must, when we must,” McLean said. 

McClean thanked her family as well. 

“My heart is fuller than it was four years ago. In gratitude to each of you, in gratitude to my family,” McClean said. 

After Mayor McLean spoke, several incumbents from District 1, 2, 5 and 6 (Luci Willits, Colin Nash, Meredith Stead and Jimmy Hallyburton) were sworn in. District 3 and 4 new council members Kathy Corless and Jordan Morales swore-in to complete the youngest city council

ever elected in the city. 

The last election round in November was different due to Bill HB413, a law issued by the Idaho Legislature in 2020 that requires political candidates to live in the district they are running for.. 

It is the first time every city council member elected for the next two years (for even-numbered districts) and four years (for odd-numbered districts) corresponds to where they live, voted in by  the people they live around. 

“We are going to supercharge what we’ve done the last four years,” McLean said, “And we are going to do that with the staff that made this possible. With our residents that dig in every day. With each and every one of you.”

During the ceremony, the city council unanimously voted Colin Nash representing District 2 as the president. Formerly, Jimmy Hallyburton from District 6 held the position. 

Nash accepted the nomination. 

“I am encouraged by the group of folks we have up here… We are dealing with a new system, we will have districts for the first time,” Nash said, referring to the fact that every Boise district had a council member elected by their own geographic location.

During the election of Meredith Stead to council president pro tempore, Nash commented on the uniqueness of the council itself. 

“It’s a young council, youngest council, least tenured council, probably in our city council’s history. Which is exciting!”

Rounds of applause ensued immediately through the hall chambers, and the ceremony concluded with brief statements from Mayor McLean before the reception.

“In closing a friend of mine once said serving in local government, serving the county, the city that you love, she’s a county commissioner, is like writing a love letter every day,” said McClean.  “And I think about that often, how true it is. I so look forward to writing what’s next to this place that we love, with each and every one of you in the next four years.” 

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