COMMENTARY: What Taylen Green will face at Arkansas

Photo by Taya Power-Thornton

Despite Taylen Green having the opportunity to return to Boise State, the redshirt sophomore decided to take his talents to a Power Five school. 

However, Arkansas is anything but “powerful” at the moment. 

The Razorbacks are coming off an underwhelming 2023 season. With a 4-8 overall record, 1-7 conference record and finishing near last place in the SEC standings, the Razorbacks are in deep need of a rebuilding year. 

With the announcement of Green going to Arkansas, the Razorbacks will add one more person to an already tough quarterback room.

Though Green started in all but one game for the Broncos in the 2023 season, Green will have some serious competition in the quarterback locker room. He will be competing against the likes of KJ Jefferson, Jacolby Criswell, Malachi Singleton and freshman commit KJ Jackson.

Green and current back-up, Criswell, will find themselves locked in a tight battle this upcoming off season. Green possesses much more experience and more explosiveness in the run game, whereas Criswell has much more reliance on his passing game. 

With Malachi Singleton also in line to push for the starting job, adding Green to the mix would make for one of the most entertaining offseasons at Arkansas in a long time.

Though some players will likely transfer and go elsewhere in light of the transfer of Taylen Green — the SEC is no walk in the park. 

In their 2024 season, the Razorbacks will be facing University of Arkansas at Little Rock, Oklahoma State University, University of Alabama at Birmingham, Louisiana Tech University, Louisiana State University, Ole Miss University, University of Tennessee, 

University of Texas, Auburn University, Mississippi State University, University of Missouri and Texas A&M University. 

After one of the hardest strength of schedules in the SEC for the 2023 season, the Razorbacks took a huge win after the announcement of their 2024 schedule. 

For one of the first seasons in over a decade, the Razorbacks will not have to face Nick Saban’s University of Alabama, which will bode well for the Razorbacks if they play their cards right. 

Though Green will go on to play for the Razorbacks, the Broncos will not be without some tremendous talent. 

With the return of beloved running back Ashton Jeanty, a new head coach at the helm and quarterbacks still being able to develop during the offseason, the Broncos will have a tough fight, but it will be a lot easier to fight. 

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