BREAKING: Boise State’s ex-head coach Andy Avalos is hired at TCU

Andy and Summer Avalos with their children on The Blue at Albertsons Stadium.
Photo courtesy of John Kelly

Boise State’s ex-head coach seems to have moved on quickly.

Just one month after being relieved of his head coaching duties at Boise State, Andy Avalos will head to the Big 12 and join Texas Christian University’s (TCU) coaching staff as defensive coordinator.

Avalos will replace Joe Gillespie, who ran the Horned Frogs defense for two seasons before being terminated yesterday.

TCU (3-6) ranked 78th nationally in yards allowed and 100th in points per game in 2023 under Gillespie. In the Big 12, the Frogs ranked 10th and 9th respectively.

Avalos on the other hand has quite a reputable career as a defensive coordinator, both in the Mountain West with Boise State, and in the PAC-12 where he won two conference championships with Oregon. 

As Boise State’s defensive coordinator, he consistently kept the team’s defense ranked in the top 40 nationally from 2016-2018.

Following that at Oregon he notably led the Ducks to No. 9 ranked defense overall in 2019 before returning to his alma mater as head coach for the Broncos in 2021.

Avalos did not have as much success when it came time to coach at his alma mater. Avalos went 22-14 record over his three-season tenure with the Broncos, resulting in a mid-season termination. 

Avalos’ salary at TCU has not been released to the public as of yet. The good news for Boise State is that the buyout amount he’s owed by the university will be reduced, if not totally voided. This is because he found a college football job within the five year deal he was signed to with the Broncos.

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