BREAKING: Boise State quarterback Taylen Green enters transfer portal

Photo by Taya Power-Thornton

Taylen Green announces his decision to enter the transfer portal on Dec. 4. 

The announcement came just one day after Boise State football named Spencer Danielson as the head coach, and two days after being crowned the Mountain West Champion and Offensive Player of the Game.

Green joined the team in 2021 and played a total of 28 games as a Bronco. Though the 2023 season was a roller coaster of a ride, it comes as a complete surprise that the Lewisville, Texas native is entering the transfer portal.

This marks the second time a high-profile Boise State quarterback entered the transfer porter aHank Bachmeier made the announcement early in the 2022 season. After Bachmeier transferred, Green stepped up and took control of the team, leading Boise Stateto the Mountain West Championship in 2022.

This 2023 season wasn’t all that Green expected either. He shared playing time and snaps with redshirt freshman quarterback Maddux Madsen, as Boise State decided to utilize a two-quarterback system until benching Green for one game against New Mexico.

Although Green’s decision to leave the team is not completely official, the future of Boise State is definitely up in the air.

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