Boise State vs. New Mexico Preview: Is a winning record still possible?

Photo by Niamh Brennan

The Broncos will be looking to keep their hopes alive this season as they return to Albertsons Stadium on Nov. 11 to face the New Mexico Lobos. 

There is no denying that both of these teams have had tough seasons. The Lobos currently hold a 3-6 overall record which is quite comparable to the Broncos 4-5 record. 

Though the Broncos hold the fourth spot in the Mountain West standings (3-2) and New Mexico (1-4) in the 10th slot, the Broncos aren’t proving to be any more dominant than the Lobos at this point in the season. 

With Broncos leading wide receiver Eric McAlister entering the transfer portal and injuries hindering the utilization of Ashton Jeanty, the Broncos are few and far from a “comeback” at this point in the season.

After the win against Wyoming, the Broncos hopes for a spot in the Mountain West Championship game were strong and the potential to turn the season around was in reach. 

However, after last week’s loss to Fresno State, the Broncos would be lucky to finish the season with a winning record, let alone a chance to participate in a bowl game. 

Though New Mexico is one of the “easier” matchups for the Broncos these next three games, there is no promise when it comes to this Bronco squad. 

After coming off a tough loss, a transfer announcement of their best wide receiver, injuries hindering top players and a quarterback system that seems to not be functioning, the odds seem to be stacked against the Broncos this game. 

In this matchup, look out for the use of the traditional one quarterback system rather than the dual quarterback system the Broncos have been using for the last few matchups. 

Redshirt freshman quarterback Maddux Madsen seems to be the favorite of the two quarterbacks to take the reins during this matchup.

After Madsen received nearly three times as many snaps as his quarterback counterpart Taylen Green against Fresno State, Madsen has proved himself as a leader and a trusted quarterback for the Broncos and could very well be given full control this game. 

There will be new names and faces on the field in this matchup, as the departure of McAlister leaves open space for players such as Prince Strachan, the true freshman, and sixth-year Stefan Cobbs. 

If Jeanty is out again against New Mexico, running backs George Holani, Tyler Crowe and Jambres Dubar will have to step up for the Broncos on the offensive side of the ball. 

Though the Broncos have struggled with inconsistency on the defensive end, there is no doubt that New Mexico will be one of the easier teams to play in coverage due to a lack of offensive power.

Coming off a tough week of a multitude of losses, the Broncos still have the upper hand against New Mexico and have potential to garner their fifth win on the season. 

As the future of the Boise State football program hangs in the bounds, dramatic changes could be around the corner. 

As players are transferring, recruits are dropping their commitment and the future for coach staff members are shaky, the Broncos are in serious need of a win. The team will be looking to prove themselves as not just a contender in the Mountain West Conference, but as well as a Top-25 team in the nation. 

Score Prediction: 24-10 Boise State

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