BSU vs. Wyoming Game Preview: Holani and Shramm set to return to play

Taya Power-Thornton | The Arbiter

After a much needed bye-week, the Broncos will return to the Blue to play the Wyoming Cowboys on Sept. 28. 

This week is going to be a make-or-break game. This game is not only highly anticipated, but also a “must-win matchup”.

The Broncos are going to look a lot different this week, as running back George Holani and linebacker DJ Shramm seem to be returning from their injuries.  

The team has not played the same since losing these star players and will love to have them back on the field as soon as possible.

Holani’s return will bring Boise State’s explosive running threat to full strength.. The running back duo, Holani and Ashton Jeanty, will be on display for the Wyoming matchup on Saturday. 

As Jeanty has had a remarkable season so far, it begs the question on if the reacclimation of Holani will either hurt or help the performance of Jeanty. 

On the season Jeanty has averaged 868 yards on 151 touches, making him third in the nation in rushing yards and earning him a spot on the 2023 CBS Sports Midseason All-America team

The Broncos are coming off a bye-week and also one of the worst performances in Boise State football history, in the 31-30 loss to Colorado State. After a few weeks of scrutiny from the public, the Broncos will look to bounce back in this matchup. 

Wyoming will be no walk in the park, especially with how the Broncos have been performing in high pressure situations. 

The Cowboys are coming off their first Mountain West conference loss on the season at the hands of No.19 ranked Air Force. In the 34-27 loss to Air Force, the Cowboys put up an impressive performance and turned some heads. 

Wyoming quarterback Andrew Peasley is a full fledged veteran with ample experience, not only as a Cowboy, but as an Aggie at Utah State.  

Despite Peasley’s career depth, his stat chart is underwhelming. With 59% completion rate and 12 passing touchdowns, the seasoned veteran has had a very uneven style of play. 

A dynamic and powerful Wyoming defensive duo in defensive tackle Jordan Bertagnole and nose tackle Cole Godbout, will look to stop a newly received offense. 

As Holani and Jeanty return to the Blue as a running back duo, all eyes will be on a rejuvenated offense, still led by the dual quarterback system

Taylen Green and Maddux Madsen will still both play a role in the extraordinarily strange system that head coach Andy Avalos and offensive coordinator Bush Hamdan have under operation. 

The hope to turn this season around is still looming on the horizon. 

The addition of defensive leader Schramm will also be a tell tale sign of if the Broncos are ready to turn this season around. 

The sixth-year linebacker hasn’t played a snap for the Broncos since Sept. 22 against San Diego State.

Since Schramms departure, the redshirt sophomore linebacker, Marco Notarainni has been in control of the reins and taking control of the defense. 

With the return of two of the Broncos most beloved players, the season and game coul dhave some dramatic changes play out. 

Score Prediction: 32-27 Broncos

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