Taylen vs. Maddux: How the Broncos’ quarterback situation is being mismanaged

Boise State football has caught the attention of many by starting a quarterback controversy, again.

PSA, their two quarterback strategy is not working.

Over the last two weeks, Boise State has played two quarterbacks, thrown the ball 48 times, won a game they should’ve lost and lost a game they should’ve won.

The Broncos need to choose a quarterback to lead the offense and find this mythical “rhythm” that the coaches have been going on about to the media over the last month.

In contrast, Boise State’s opposing quarterbacks have completed 55 of 92 passes for 684 yards and 3 touchdowns.

For reference, sophomore Taylen Green has completed 79 of 149 pass attempts (53%) for 1,041 yards, five touchdowns and five interceptions over seven games.

In roughly two and a half games, freshman Maddux Madsen has completed 41 of 64 pass attempts (64.1%) for 584 yards, five touchdowns and two interceptions.

Both quarterbacks have been average at best when on the field. Madsen has had some ugly interceptions and Green rarely makes it to his second or third read.

The mediocrity isn’t entirely their fault however. Green and Madsen have reportedly been splitting reps during practice, which one can assume only half prepares them for gameday.

Imagine the stress it puts on a player when they throw an incompletion, and are pulled out of the game to be subbed in for “the other guy”.

These players love this game. One can only imagine what thoughts go through their head: “what do I have to do to stay in the game next drive?”, “Am I going to get to go back in?” etc. 


If one thing is certain about this football team, it is that there are no certainties at the quarterback position.

Over the off season, everyone was boasting about the improved offensive system featuring Bush Hamdan at offensive coordinator and Green starting running that system.

This year, the Broncos were supposed to be Green’s team. Now the Bronco locker room is questioning if they’re team Green or team Madsen.

Green’s touchdown to interception rate is not awe inspiring, and he has yet to put together a solid two to four minute scoring drive. Many question, can the offense score when they need to score.

With the lackluster season thus far, many are wondering; does Taylen Green deserve the starting spot?

On the other hand, no one even knew who Madsen was until the end of the UCF game when he led a heroic touchdown drive late in the fourth quarter.

Though Madsen showed some promising production during the spring game, no one paid much to it.

Still though, when a reporter asked if there would be any resemblance of a quarterback battle, head coach Andy Avalos cut her off before the question was even asked and said, “no.”

Here we are in week eight, a bye week, and the coaches simply must decide if they are team Green or team Madsen.

If the Broncos continue to avoid this decision, they will continue to avoid winning games. 


With the bye week in full swing, the Broncos have the opportunity to “self scout”, giving them the opportunity to crack down on issues the team has both big and small.

What’s unclear is if the problems at quarterback will be focused on, or if the coaches even view it as a problem.

Obviously, Green and Madsen will be coached up on mistakes they’ve made and will rep in game situations like any starting quarterback, but unlike any starting quarterback, they are leading the offense by commission.

This begs the question, why aren’t we just letting one guy rip now? Why not let Madsen or Green cook?

One thing that is clear is that there are too many chefs in the kitchen. This needs to be somebody’s team.

Everybody cares about this team. Bronco Nation, the coaching staff and the players expect success, and a 3-4 start is not what anyone of these groups is used to seeing.

With seven games remaining in the season, the Broncos will be lucky to go 2-3 down the stretch.

They’re two most likely wins will come from New Mexico State and Utah State. Aside from that, it’s tough to expect any win coming out of the matchups against Wyoming, Fresno State or Air Force.

For a team that cares as much as they say they do, the coaches owe the rest of the team some form of stability. 

How do you know it’s the right call to put Madsen in now, how do you know Green should be in here? 

If these are questions fans are asking, at this point in the season, it must be questions the players are asking on the sideline as well. 

I predict that over the next five weeks, we will see one starting quarterback through all four quarters.

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