The Corral: Boise State’s most dedicated fans

The Corral is Boise State’s official student section. You might have seen them in the front row of a football or basketball game causing mayhem for the opposing school. However, this student-led organization makes sure to spread their support beyond the primary sports, and make it their goal to show school spirit at every single home sporting event for BSU athletics. 

The Corral has made it their mission to drive up popularity for all sporting events on campus. By tabling in the quad, working with student athletes and using social media, President Conner New has been able to get more fans to attend and support these less popular sports.

“Our goal every athletic event is to pack it out,” said New, a senior majoring in photography. “Our main goal is to be the best student section in the Mountain West.” 

Unfortunately, New’s freshman year was riddled with COVID-19, making him unable to attend games in a live environment. 

New decided to join The Corral his junior year and became president during his senior year to help the student section grow across Boise State athletics.

The Corrals motto: “Come early, be loud, stay late” is something they preach to members in order to make the experience as great as possible for not only the students, but the players too. 

New has had the opportunity to work with multiple student athletes and has been able to gain a better understanding of what student sections mean to the players. 

Being able to table with players in the quad during the day and collaborate on the Corral’s social media pages shows the fans that even though they are athletes we are all students here together. 

He acknowledges that players focus on the game and might not be able to show their appreciation during it, but “they have told us first hand they really really enjoy the students coming out”. 

The Corral is not considered a club, but rather a student organization. They have an Instagram and Twitter account that they use to promote games and tell fans when they should arrive. 

While they might not have weekly meetings or a formal manner to join The Corral, they don’t discourage people from coming out and participating because in their eyes, “if you show up to any game you are part of the Corral no matter what.” 

This semester, The Corral has been especially involved in the women’s volleyball team. This is one of the main sports they are trying to drive up attendance at, and it is working. 

While they have an overall record of only seven and seven, they have been dominant at home, winning five out of six games. 

They have been working with players such as middle blocker, Chey Day, when it comes to tabling and doing outreach for students to get involved by coming out for their games. 

New is even trying to build good relationships with freshman players, Bridey O’Conner and Kayleigh Carpenter. He is making an effort to build connections with these younger players to help create a good relationship between the team and The Corral, even after he’s graduated and moved on as organization president.

Boise State sports have been on the rise in recent years, with our basketball team being the best it’s ever been. Football is coming off a bowl game win and women’s soccer is currently undefeated in the Mountain West. 

The Corral has been there through the good, and the bad. They have garnered the attention of news stations such as KBOI, highlighting how the fans are the heart of Boise athletics, even getting women’s Volleyball coach Shawn Garus to comment on the impact the Corral has had on their games. 

President Conner New might be wrapping up his last year at college ,but his passion has only shone brighter as of late and wants everyone to know, “Students you better show up”.

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