Discovery Center unveils latest exhibit, ‘Impressionists Immersive’

Niamh Brennan | The Arbiter

The Discovery Center, located in downtown Boise, has an exciting new exhibit coming to its halls. The Impressionists Immersive exhibit will feature copies of classic artwork by Monet, Van Gogh, Renoir and countless other iconic artists and will present them in a dynamic way. 

The Director of Art Apart and the creative mind behind this exhibit, Esteban Balaguer, hopes to bring an art exhibit to the Treasure Valley that will inspire audiences of all ages.

In fact, Balaguer discussed that many aspects of the exhibit are inspired by the stylistic choices of the artist. Because Monet was meticulous about lighting in his art and thus, lighting is a key part of the exhibit. 

“One of the main objectives and why we want to have this exhibition here [at the Discovery Center]… they are focused on opening minds and planting seeds,” Balaguer said. “You never know, maybe a little kid that came to this exhibit could turn into an amazing artist tomorrow.”

From interactive paintings to wall-to-wall projection, this exhibit is incredibly creative and utilizes lights, sound and movement to bring the artwork to life. 

“We planned to make a Time Machine to go to the end of the Impressionist era,” Balaguer said. “[In] the immersive rooms we can jump inside the art… it’s like an art history class but in a fun way.”

Balaguer discussed the benefits of having an event like this in Boise. 

“This is an amazing city and it’s full of colors. You cannot walk 20 steps without finding a river or amazing place, nature, animals, flowers,” Balaguer said. “So it’s very aligned with what you’re going to find in our immersive rooms.”

This exhibit highlights important moments in art history, including the work of French painter, Berthe Morisot. Balaguer explained that making a name for oneself as a woman was difficult during the Impressionist era and thus he felt she was an important artist to highlight. 

“She was like the first lady of Impressionists,” Balaguer said. “To use her name… it’s very important because she opened up new paths.”

The Discovery Center caters to young learners but features rotating exhibits that are enjoyed by people of all ages. 

“I think the great thing about the Discovery Center is that they are open to any kind of ages,” Balaguer said. “Some elderly people who are retired could come up and see the exhibition and they’d want to buy some brushes and start painting in their free time.”

Balaguer’s passion for art is evident from his desire to inspire others to get into the art scene as well. 

“I think that’s great to inspire people to do new things,” Balaguer said. “To realize they can start an artist career leaving the exhibition.”

Whether you’re seeking artistic inspiration or simply want to enjoy an innovative display of classic artwork, the Impressionist Immersive Exhibit is the place for you. Running from October 2023 to Spring 2024, visit the Discovery Center and be transported by art unlike ever before.

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