What to look for: Boise State vs. San Jose State

Taya Power-Thornton | The Arbiter

Another game week for the Broncos as they return to Albertsons Stadium to face San Jose State University (SJSU) in their sixth game of the season. 

All of the hype is around this week. Not only is it game-week, but it is also homecoming and parent weekend for Boise State. 

After suffering a 35-32 loss to University of  Memphis, the Broncos will look to turn their season around and go into full-fledged regular-season play.

Historically, the Spartans have been nothing to worry about when going up against the Broncos, however this year may be another story. 

The Broncos have had a very rocky season, with a lot of struggles on both the defensive and offensive sides and even though the Spartans have been written off as an “easy win” in the past season for the Broncos, this may be a different story. 

The Spartans and the Broncos have had a very similar season thus far. 

SJSU was throttled by No. 9 University of Southern California, 56-28, to open up their season and then followed up with a loss to No. 15 Oregon State University, 42-17 to start with a 0-2 record. 

Much like the Broncos first games, the strength of schedule was no joke for these two teams.

The Spartans did come back to absolutely cream Cal Poly 59-3 for their first win of the season much like the Broncos game against University of North Dakota.

Though the Spartans have lost their last two games, it’s not as though the Broncos have been doing any better. 

The Broncos barely defeated a weak San Diego State team 34-31 and gave up a 17-0 lead, losing to Memphis.

This week again will likely feature a heavy load for star running back Ashton Jeanty to carry. Following the Memphis game, he is second in the nation in all purpose yards with 827, averaging 165.4 per game.

San Jose is difficult to judge heading into this game. They’re coming off a bye week, so they’ll have had time to prepare for the Broncos’ explosive running game.

What will be difficult for them to prepare for, however, will be who is throwing the ball for Boise State, which for now will work in the Bronco’s favor.

Offensive coordinator Bush Hamdan said that the offense will feature a dual quarterback system, with Taylen Green focusing more on the run, and Maddux Madsen to drop back and pass.

After the way Madsen led the team in two huge scoring drives against Memphis last week, there seems to be a lot of trust instilled on the redshirt-freshman. 

Luckily, SJSU, statistically, looks like the worst team this week. 

Spartan senior quarterback Chevan Cordeiro has a 60% completion percentage, but has been sacked 9 times in five games. 

The Spartans, like the Broncos, have also had a tough season in regards to wide receivers. 

Without the preseason All-Mountain West Conference receiver in Justin Lockhart, who is out due to injury, the Spartans have struggled in this position nearly all season. 

Aside from Nick Nash, there hasn’t been a wide receiver that has consistently played well for the Spartans all season. This will bode incredibly well, as the Broncos defense has been in desperate need for a “reboot” game.

As the Broncos are hoping to start these regular-season games off on the right foot, this game will be a huge determiner for how the remainder of the season will go. 

This matchup is a must win for the Broncos. Since the Spartans don’t seem like the strongest opponent in the Mountain West, it will be a great game to see how the Boise State squad bounces back, grows and develops on both sides of the ball. 

Score Prediction: 37-27 Boise State

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