George Clanton brings vaporwave music to Flipside

Niamh Brennan | The Arbiter

The second annual “Flipside Fest” came to Garden City this year showcasing dozens of talented artists such as The Regrettes, The Walkmen and George Clanton.

George Clanton, a Los Angeles based musician, stopped here in Idaho during his nationwide tour. Flipside was just one of Clanton’s 35 shows throughout the duration of his tour.

Clanton shared his early beginnings with music, he says “I was interested in music like any child is it’s just funny to kind of like look back on it and think, maybe that mattered or something.” 

Clanton’s music can’t necessarily be tied down to a singular genre. His music is considered the early beginnings of “vaporwave” music. 

“Making music is kind of like throwing paint on a canvas until an image sort of presents itself,” Clanton said. “It’s like seeing something abstract. And then that’s how my songs are created.”

Clanton created his own independent record label “100% Electronica”. The label represents a multitude of artists such as Clanton himself, Death’s Dynamic Shroud, Equip, Neggy Gemmy, Windows 96 and more.

Clantons latest album, “Ooh Rap | Ya”, released July 28 featured nine songs. His top song “I Been Young” gathering just over 1.4 millions streams since the time of its release. 

Clanton’s last full album release was in 2018, with intermittent loose singles and a collaborative album with Nick Hexum, lead musician of 311. 

“My creative process is purely internal,” Clanton said. “Instead of becoming inspired by the process itself.”

Clanton shared his experience in the music industry and the passion it takes to overcome the tiring environment that is the music scene.

“You have to be very strong willed to not get burnt out and give up,” Clanton said. “I just didn’t feel like I had any other options so I just kept making music. And then eventually, it worked out for me.”

Clanton performed on the Flipside stage, accumulating fans of all ages. Viewers gathered tightly around the stage barriers in anticipation of Clantons performance.

Viewers sang along loudly and danced together as Clanton captivated the crowd, his digital effects in the background perfectly in sync with his lyrics.

Clanton performs with great animation and jokes with the audience in between sets.

It is no surprise that Clanton’s performance gathered one of the largest crowds among Flipside events, his unique music style and way of performing gathers the attention of both returning fans and those just hearing ‘vaporwave’ style music for the first time.

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