Controversial Loss: University of Memphis takes down Boise State 35-32

The University of Memphis takes down Boise State University 35-32 in the last non-conference game for the Broncos. 

Bronco running back Ashton Jeanty came up big, yet again, for the Broncos and accounted for four touchdowns … if you will … each and every touchdown that Boise State had on the match-up.  

There was no doubt that the star-studded running back was going to see some early action in the game and that he did. The Tigers defense had no response for Jeanty, as he racked up two touchdowns in just the first half.

The Bronco defense kicked into high gear to start the game. Leading the brigade was junior safety Seyi Oladipo, who was a force to be reckoned with, making incredible stops and clutch plays to elevate the Broncos defense. 

The Broncos offense looked a bit different in today’s matchup — the utilization of starting quarterback Taylen Green for the designated running plays and backup redshirt freshman Maddux Madsen taking control on some of the passing plays. 

With a convincing 17-0 Bronco lead, the ferocious offense that is the University of Memphis was not going to go into the half down by 17. 

With the Broncos defense returning to its original state, missing tackles and not halting explosive plays, Tigers quarterback, Sam Henigan, took advantage and made his offense come alive. In just 5 minutes, the Tigers put up 14 points to close out the half.

Tigers wide receiver, Roc Taylor, proved his dominance at the end of the second quarter, which is when things really started to take off for the Tigers. 

Taylor’s 19 yard reception for a touchdown led the Tigers to shorten the Broncos lead to 17-7. Just a few minutes later, the Tigers were back in the red zone that led to a five yard rushing touchdown by running back Blake Watson.

“We were absolutely terrible the first 20 minutes,”  Memphis head coach Ryan Silverfield said. “Looks like we didn’t wake up until just now. We finally got it going … we just have to be cleaner … we have to be more centered on defense.”

Heading into the half, the Broncos held a shaky 17-14 lead. 

Broncos duo of running backs, Jambres Dubar and Jeanty, were met head on with the Tigers defense that flipped a switch during halftime and came out crushing the Broncos running plays.

On a controversial fourth and one play call, the Bronco elected to not utilize one of the nations best running backs in Jeanty, but rather try for a field goal. A decision that most likely cost the Broncos the entire game. 

An absolute momentum and game changing play by the Tigers special teams as they blocked the Broncos field goal attempt and returned it all the way home to tally 21 unanswered points and create a 21-17 lead. 

The Broncos had a hard time coming back from the blocked field goal and went the whole third quarter with no points. 

Memphis wide receiver, Koby Drake, made an absolutely wild catch, which led to a wide open 59 yard reception touchdown by Demeer Blankumsee to extend the Tiger lead to 28-17.

With 28 unanswered points, Broncos elected to have Madsen put back in to shake things up for the Bronco offense, which proved to be incredibly beneficial. 

Jeanty found the endzone on a 15 yard throw by Madsen, Madsen was then able to connect with Stefan Cobbs for the two-point conversion and to keep the Blue and Orange hopes alive while trailing just 28-25. 

Tigers hurried down the field to get into incredible field position that led to a game altering call. 

After what looked like a goal line fumble by the Tigers, a heavily controversial touchdown call ruled in favor of Memphis to lock down a ten point lead against the Broncos.

With just two minutes left in the game and trailing 35-25, the Broncos gave the reins to none other than the redshirt freshman quarterback. 

Madsen led the Broncos down the field to notch a Jeanty touchdown for yet another glimmer of hope for the Boise State squad. 

With an unsuccessful on-field kick, the Broncos waved the white flag and fell to the Tigers 35-32.

The Broncos didn’t have many highlights in this game, but if there had to be one, it would be “Mad Dog” Maddux Madsen. 

In one of his biggest games of his career Madsen had 175 yards, a 79% completion rate, two touchdowns and no interceptions.

There is no questioning why the end of the game drives were put in the hands of Madsen. 

Green finished the matchup with 50% completion rate and 200 yards all while playing more minutes than his counterpart in Madsen, leaving many to wonder about the capabilities of this young talent.

Despite the dominant performance by Jeanty, the Tigers defense was impeccable. After coming off an outstanding 205 yard game against San Diego State, Jeanty was held to 135 total yards (82 rushing and 53 receiving) however accounted for all of the Bronco touchdowns (4).

In the Memphis and Boise State preview, one of the biggest keys to winning this matchup was simultaneous production by both Jeanty and Eric McAlister …  that didn’t happen. 

The wide receiver options for Boise State were sparse and non-existent for the most part with the majority of the offensive focus being on the running game.

Though the Broncos have many areas in which they can expand and improve upon, the season is kicking into high gear quickly as the remaining Mountain West Conference matchups are just around the corner. 

The Broncos fall to 2-3 on the season while still retaining a squeaky clean 1-0 record in Mountain West play. 

Boise State will return to Mountain West play as they host San Jose State on Oct. 7 at 6 p.m. where they will be celebrating homecoming and parents weekend. 

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