Making her own mark: How Boise State Softball’s Sophia Romero hopes to build her own legacy

Courtesy of Boise State Athletics

One of the most highly sought after softball players in California, Sophia Romero, chose to take her talents to Boise State University. 

Sophia, who signed with the Broncos last November, was one of six in the class of 2027 that softball head coach, Justin Shults, welcomed to his softball program. 

Though Romero has paved her way in the realm of softball, there is no denying the undoubtable success that has stemmed from the Romero lineage. 

Romero’s two eldest sisters, Sydney Romero and Sierra Romero, had tremendous All-American caliber softball careers at University of Oklahoma and Michigan, respectively. To this day, both play professional softball in the Athletes Unlimited League

Their brother, Mikey Romero, was also drafted 24th overall by the Boston Red Sox. Their father, Mike Romero, also played collegiately at San Diego State. 

Although recognizing the success her family has, Sophia is well on her way to making a name for herself. 

“I wouldn’t necessarily call it [a known last name] pressure. I believe it was a privilege,” Romero said. “It was something I had full control of yet I also knew that my work ethic and all I did would have to be with 110% intent no matter my last name or siblings. I knew I had to work for what I want and who I want to be.”

Undoubtedly, there are pros and cons to growing up in what felt like large shoes to fill. Romero remained open-minded and grateful of her situation, despite facing occasional hardships. 

“It was definitely a learning experience, one where I matured at a very young age,” Romero said. “I was able to fight battles that no one saw. Having such a successful family was a blessing in so many ways. From learning tips to getting that extra push, to even just having so much love for the game were aspects I am truly lucky to have.”

Romero is already making large leaps in her softball career, as committing to a NCAA Division-I school is an accomplishment in itself. 

“My recruiting process was definitely an adventure, one I’d never take back in a heartbeat,” Romero said. “At times it was stressful but I knew that it’s a part of the journey and all I had to do was trust the process and have faith.” 

Numbers don’t lie. 

Romero owns a career .491 batting average with 20 RBI and a .517 on-base percentage.

“We are so excited Sophia chose to be a Bronco,” Shults said to Bronco Athletics media. “She is an exceptionally dynamic athlete, who hits with power from the left side.”

Romero’s softball journey began at a young age playing in the competitive Golden State. Besides playing at Vista Murrieta High School in southern California, she was also a part of the respected travel-ball organization, Batbusters

“My time spent with the Batbusters was one I was lucky to have. Surrounded by the best of the best along with nothing but support from teammates, families and coaches was something you won’t find elsewhere,” Romero said. “Michael Stith and Tim Shockey were my biggest supporters through it all … they’ve taught me and continue to teach others the game and how to be a great player to where you can be successful.”

Defensively, Romero is a reliable force in the outfield. 

Rather than letting her high-profile last name insinuate pressure into her game, Romero had a positive outlook on her unique family impact.  

“Growing up within my softball and baseball oriented family was truly a blessing,” Romero said. “At my younger age, around eight to ten, it was stressful with supporters of my family having such high expectations for the youngest of the family.”

Romero is coming to the Bronco program at a fantastic time. 

The Blue and Orange were crowned the 2022 regular season Mountain West Champions, marking the second title in program history, previously coming in 2018. 

Last year also consisted of top honors for Kelsey Hall, as Mountain West player of the year and Justin Shults, being named Mountain West coach of the year. 

The team finished 32-17 overall last season, giving Boise State a collective 215 wins over the last seven seasons, which is the most among Mountain West schools. 

“The Broncos’ success last year was amazing to watch,” Romero said. “It is something anyone would love to watch, especially this year. Entering this program that’s performing so highly is truly an honor. It’s something that I am truly ready for. We are ready to take on any obstacle that may come our way and we are ready to compete at any cost.”

The Broncos will be back in action this fall as they are slated to play Northwest Nazarene University and Idaho State University on Saturday, Sept. 30 at home in Dona Larsen Park starting at 11 a.m.. 

Boise State will then host College of Idaho at noon on Sunday, Oct. 8. 

They will hit the road to travel to Eugene, Oregon to face Western Washington University and University of Oregon on Saturday, Oct. 15. On Sunday, they will play Oregon State University in Corvallis, Oregon. 

Fall ball will wrap up on Friday, Oct. 20 as the Broncos face NNU once more, this time on the Nighthawks’ home field. 

These fall ball games will allow players to showcase their skills and solidify work that has been put in this offseason. 

“I’m looking forward to working and competing with this new team,” Romero said. “Our team chemistry is one of a kind and is something that anyone would be lucky to have and experience. I’m ready to grow with this team and get to our best potential.” 

The Broncos will start their regular season this spring and a schedule release is anticipated this December. 

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