Emma Chamberlain, Hannah Marlene and Kurtis Conner: three podcasters you should be listening to

Illustration by Sydney Smith

Since the early 2000s, podcasts have become steadily more and more popular, with genres ranging from comedy, to true crime and relationship advice. 

As an avid podcast listener, these are three staple recommendations for those who might be new to listening to podcasts or are simply looking to branch out with their listening experience.  

Anything Goes with Emma Chamberlain

Emma Chamberlain is arguably one of the most influential faces of Gen-Z. The internet watched her transform from her early YouTube days as a “VSCO girl” icon, into a businesswoman, ambassador for Louis Vuitton, model and podcaster. 

Initially known for traits like her passion for iced coffee and her distinct video editing style, Emma Chamberlain has developed a cult following over the years, becoming a fashion icon and something of a role model for her followers. 

Chamberlain began her podcast in 2019, originally calling it “Stupid Genius” and eventually rebranding it to “Anything Goes” in 2020. The topics she discusses are the inspiration for the podcast’s name — anything goes. 

Chamberlain discusses relevant cultural events and topics, conducts interviews and offers advice to her listeners, all while maintaining the sense of humor and deep realness that made her so popular when she first started making content. 

One of my favorite episodes of “Anything Goes” is “when toxic becomes trendy”, an episode in which Chamberlain analyzes how normalized and even encouraged toxic behavior has become in society today.

Smoke Sesh – Hannah Marlene

Lovingly referred to by some as their “internet big sister”, Hannah Marlene is exactly that for her podcast listeners. The 22-year-old creative entrepreneur introduces herself as “your internet best friend” in her Spotify description, setting the tone for her hilarious and incredibly relatable content that often makes you feel like you’re on a phone call with a close friend instead of listening to a podcast. 

Marlene began the “Smoke Sesh” podcast in 2021, and both her platform and reach have grown immensely in the years following. Marlene offers a brutally honest – and incredibly refreshing – perspective on girlhood, relationships, astrology, pursuing your dreams and everything in between.

Listeners are invited to both send in their own stories and ask for advice from their “internet big sister”. Marlene has created an inclusive community that allows for and encourages vulnerability, and she offers her advice and opinions on the world in a hilarious, incredibly eloquent manner. 

One of my favorite episodes of “Smoke Sesh” is “feral girl summer, sensitive sweetheart & living in delusion”. In this episode, Marlene dives into the importance of embracing sensitivity, something many people are told is a bad quality, as well as talking about how to embrace change.

Very Really Good – Kurtis Conner

Since finding his beginnings of fame on Vine and through stand-up comedy, Kurtis Conner has become a staple name in internet comedy and commentary. Once he was no longer restricted by the six-second video limit on Vine, Conner became known for his commentary videos and criticism of popular culture. 

Conner began the “Very Really Good” podcast in 2018, uploading weekly about current events and his personal experiences with his uniquely humorous take on things. Conner’s podcast is just the right balance of being both informative and amusing, and the guests he brings on – such as Cody Ko, Danny Gonzalez and Drew Gooden – all have a similarly hilarious energy that balances well with the “Very Really Good” atmosphere. 

For long-term subscribers to his YouTube channel, the “Very Really Good” podcast is a particularly good find, giving fans the same content they love in a longer, unscripted format. 

My all-time favorite episode of “Very Really Good” is “On Stage With Wallows”, a shorter episode in which Conner describes his experience being an “honorary fourth member” of Wallows, the indie rock band. 

All three podcasts are available on Spotify and Apple Podcasts, and both “Very Really Good” and “Anything Goes” are available on YouTube.

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