Everything you need to know about Boise State intramural sports

Photo by Taya Thornton

A new year of school means a new season of intramural sports, and what better way to get involved on campus and stay active than joining an intramural sports team? 

How to join

Intramurals are available to more than just students. Faculty, spouses, partners and alumni are all eligible to participate.

To join this year, students will need a play pass. You can purchase a semester pass for $20 or a full year pass for $30. After that, students can register for a sport of their choice.

Here’s a list of what sports are available this semester:

Students can register as a full team, or if you have no friends like me, you can register as a free agent, and get picked up by a team that needs players. If there are enough free agents, the organizers will make teams out of the remaining player pool.

What to know

Intramurals are easy to get into and it is a great opportunity for building a community through sports.

The organizers and managers are dedicated to creating an inclusive environment that encourages students to build relationships with fellow Broncos.

“It’s supposed to be something very easy to do in the sense of scheduling,” RecSports Coordinator Alexandra Sanchez said. “Intramurals are supposed to be something that any student can do.”

Intramurals are different from club sports in that the commitment is much lower. Teams are encouraged to practice and learn the game, but it’s not necessary. Showing up on game day and having a good time is what intramural sports is all about.

“You don’t have to know the sport to play the sport, and it’s often a lot of fun for people that don’t know how to play that sport,” Sanchez said. “[Students] learning it together with their friends is always a joy to see, because that’s why I do my job, to see students be happy.”

There is also opportunity for some competition. Some of the sports are divided into blue leagues and orange leagues.

Blue leagues are for students who are more competitive and have likely played the sport before. Orange leagues are for students just looking for casual matches.

This year, a blue 3v3 basketball league is being offered for the first time. Winners of any of the tournaments get a free t-shirt too.

Why do intramural sports?

Intramurals are a great way to get yourself involved in on campus activities. From learning a new sport to seeking out some competition, it’s just a great and easy opportunity to be active and have fun.

“You can do every sport we offer, and we have a lot of students that do,” Sanchez said.

Being involved in intramural sports also means you’re involved at the Rec Center as well, where there are tons of other opportunities to get involved in anything from group fitness classes, to renting gear to float the river.

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