Boise State sets highest fundraising year to date

Jeremiah Dickey, Boise State director of athletics, at a press conference.
Photo courtesy Boise State Athletics

As the 2023 fiscal year is coming to a close, Boise State athletic director Jeramiah Dickey announced that Boise State Athletics fundraised $26.1 million in total support. 

The heavy increase in donations is largely attributed to the 11% increase in overall donors, the 41% increase in the average gift per donor as well as the impressive growth of the Lyle Smith Society. 

“We are encouraged and humbled by the wide-ranging support of Bronco Nation. Your investment reinforces our vision to position Boise State Athletics for long-term success and sustainability,” said Dickey. “Your commitment also sends a clear message to all of college athletics that our sport programs and 350 student-athletes will continue to raise our standard of excellence.”

Jeremiah Dickey, Boise State director of athletics, at a press conference.
Photo courtesy Boise State Athletics

Since the announcement of the $300 million athletic master village, the outpour of Bronco Nations support has been undeniable. With bountiful amounts of donations from generous donors over the last year, the dream for the athletic master village is in sight. 

The donations will go towards implementing the changes that were laid out in the 2022 Athletic Master Village plans presented by Boise State that showcased the plans for a $129.4 million renovation to Albertsons Stadium. 

The detailed plans for Albertsons Stadium includes a $36.1 million state-of-the-art facility at field level for premium club experience on game day and a dining program for student athletes. The plan also includes 10 field-level suites equipped with lounge and premium club seating and the north end zone will gain a 360-degree concourse for fans. 

To go along with the renovations, ExtraMile Arena will receive updates that will include an expansion of training facilities for men’s and women’s basketball, as well as an expansion to the Arguinchona Basketball Complex that will add a new weight room along the existing gym and coaches offices. 

As the money keeps rolling in for the Boise State Athletic Department, the opportunities to rebuild and pour into the department are soaring. 

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