Back in Boise: What to do during your first week at Boise State

Photo of a student moving into the dorms at Boise State Photo by Taya Thornton

Classes starting and new students making their way to campus brings a lot of emotions. The first week in Boise is full of moving in, meeting new people and trying to figure out where classes are. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed and stay comfortably in the dorm.

However, Boise State creates an exciting environment for students to get involved, with endless clubs and activities waiting patiently for students. 

Additionally, Boise State campus is merely minutes away from downtown Boise, offering a vibrant hub for students, with restaurants, quirky local shops and events all open to the public.

It’s important for students to step out of their comfort zones, take advantage of what’s offered and meet new people.

Jared Cox, associate director for Campus Recreation shared what the Boise State recreation center offers for students.

Photo of a student moving into the dorms at Boise State
Photo by Taya Thornton

 “We want students to just try out a program and check us out,” Cox said.

The Campus Recreation Center is open 6 a.m. to 11 p.m. every weekday. Full time students have a free membership included in tuition, meaning the 38 different fitness classes and multiple excursions offered are completely accessible to all students.

“We pride ourselves on the community part of recreation,” Cox said. “For students to just find some time to get away is our hope.”

Erin Mahn, director of Student Involvement and Leadership, also urges students to get out and get involved on campus

“Getting involved outside of class gives you the opportunity to have fun, meet people, find your passions, make a difference in the community, and develop personal leadership skills,”Mahn said. “All of our campus events are open to all students and are often free to attend. If you’re looking for something specific, our staff is always willing to sit down and chat with students who are curious but might not know where to start their involvement journey.”

Boise State has an extremely student-forward approach regarding getting students involved on campus and feeling content. However, if a fitness class or student club is not your thing, downtown Boise is less than a mile away from campus.

Students can attend the local Capital City farmers market, hosted every Saturday through December right on Main street. Or join a book club featured at Rediscovered books downtown located on 8th Street.

If farmers markets and book clubs aren’t quite exactly the involvement some students are looking for, Boise has a unique food scene, with homestyle restaurants like Tupelo Honey or cheap greasy Pizza at Pie Hole, both located on 8th Street, and only a 20 minute walk from campus.

Regardless of whether or not you are an incoming freshman or a seasoned Bronco, get involved. Join an intramural sport, start a club, or take a late night walk to Pie Hole. Boise is a rapidly growing city with tons of opportunities for students, take advantage of all that’s around.

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