How a Hangover-Recovery Drink Became a Secret Weapon at the NFL Combine

Graphic courtesy of KA-EX

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With the weekend just around the corner, many students are looking forward to letting loose and having some fun. But for some, that fun can come with a price: the dreaded hangover. Luckily, a Swiss invention called KA-EX may have a solution. This science-based hangover drink has become popular with some of Europe’s best sports teams and more than 1000 professional athletes, and it is now making its way to the U.S., where it is presently helping some athletes at the NFL Scouting Combine.

KA-EX is a patented recovery drink that effectively combats the toxic effects of alcohol and the physiological stress that athletes experience. To understand why it works, we need to first understand the science of hangovers.

Ethanol, the main component in alcohol, has similar properties to water and can lead to systemic poisoning by infiltrating tissues and organs. This results in a range of hangover symptoms, such as micro-inflammations, interference with sleep cycles, cortisol secretion and hypoglycemia. The Swiss dietary supplement addresses these symptoms by targeting them individually with a mix of amino acids, minerals, carbohydrates, vitamins, electrolytes and other special biomolecules. It protects the body from toxic harm, accelerates the recovery process, and counteracts biochemical imbalances in the brain.

Even though it was initially developed against hangover, the athletes soon discovered its impact on the recovery after sport. Athletes also suffer from high cortisol level, poor sleep qualities and micro-inflammations of muscles. Overall, KA-EX is the Swiss knife of the dietary supplement by offering a set of effective tools to combat optimize recovery process that either prevent hangovers or sports recovery.

The Swiss invention has been developed in five years based on clinical studies and is now used by some of the best sports teams in Europe and over 1,000 professional athletes across different disciplines and even made its way to the NFL Combine. The House of Athletes in Florida, which prepares College Football players for the NFL Combine, also uses the product as part of their recovery process. According to Yo Murphy, vice president of Pro Sports, “Recovery is more than just hydration, and this is why our team of sports scientists and nutritionists are so excited to have a holistic product like KA-EX support us in our recovery process. We provide our athletes with KA-EX after every training session, so they can continuously perform at the highest level.

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