Five takeaways from Boise State football’s spring game

Photo courtesy of Sarah A. Miller

The Boise State football team hosted their annual spring game on April 8 at Albertsons Stadium and displayed a renovated and more explosive offense. 

After last year’s concerns surrounding the offensive production and lack of explosiveness, the Broncos came into the spring game and proved to Bronco Nation that those would be the least of their concerns. 

As the Broncos played a variety of games with different “quarters” and a specific scoring format, there were a few things that were notable about not just the team, but new additions to Albertsons Stadium. 

1. Offense

Last season, the Broncos’ offense was the main point of contention. 

The 2022 season was the second season in a row that Boise State failed to average more than 30 points per game.

Prior to the two-year stretch, the Broncos had a consistent string of more than 10 seasons averaging more than 30 points a game. 

After early failure in the offensive realm, the Broncos fired their offensive coordinator following the team’s loss to University of Texas, El Paso (UTEP) and had to introduce a new quarterback after former quarterback Hank Bachmeier entered the transfer portal.

This spring game was a chance to prove that the Broncos’ offense is back and better than ever. 

Sophomore running back Ashton Jeanty was on full display during the spring game, rushing for 82 yards on two attempts and recording two touchdowns. 

Though the scoring and format of the spring game differ from traditional football format, Jeanty caught the eyes of many in the crowd.

2. Quarterbacks

The Broncos had four quarterbacks participating in the spring game exhibition: Taylen Green, Maddux Madsen, CJ Tiller and Colt Fulton

The four quarterbacks combined for a 57.5% completion rate and 323 yards. 

Though Green will ultimately be the Broncos’ quarterback for the upcoming season, he fell short of the other three in regards to completion percentage. He threw for 176 yards with a 45% completion rate. 

Madsen had the best completion percentage amongst all quarterbacks (77%). 

Green had most of the action on the day, but Madsen was a force to be reckoned with. 

Madsen’s and Green’s stature and playing styles differ greatly.

While Green comes in at 6-foot-6 and 220 pounds, the sophomore quarterback from Utah, Madsen, is just 5-foot-10 and 200 pounds. 

Madsen had some extremely impressive throws on the day to one of the new kids on the block … Prince Strachan. 

3. Prince Strachan

Aside from his awesome name, freshman receiver Prince Strachan had some unbelievable receptions during both the spring game and the practice drills.

[From left to right: Seyi Oladipo, Ashton Jeanty, Jonah Dalmas, Taylen Green and Michael Callahan.]
Photo courtesy of Sarah A. Miller

In the spring game, Strachan had two receptions and 56 yards on the day and was one of the more productive on the offensive end. 

This is Strachan’s first year on the team and is originally from the Bahamas. He only started playing football in 2019 when he moved to Florida and had an exceptional high school career.

Though he lacks experience, the 6-foot-5 Bronco seems to fit seamlessly into the lineup and has potential to play a role in this upcoming season. 

As more players will be lining up to take starting positions, Strachan looks like an incredible choice for the Broncos this year. 

4. Non Participants

About 30 Broncos were not dressed down for the spring game. Among them was redshirt senior running back George Holani

After starting in 13 games last season, leading the team with 1157 yards rushing, 24 receptions and 13 touchdowns, the Bronco star was not active for the spring game. 

Holani has made tremendous progress throughout his years as a Bronco and after a dominant 2022 season, the star player can come back and put on another tremendous season for the offense.

5. Scoreboard

Boise State removed the obscenely small scoreboard on the south end of the end zone and replaced it with a 120-foot by 50-foot LED screen. 

With the support from Melaleuca, a health products manufacturer based in Idaho Falls that donated $4.5 million, the new 6,000-square-foot scoreboard is now one of the biggest in college football, and the biggest scoreboard in the Mountain West conference by 1,800 square feet.

The miniscule scoreboard that was once in that spot was relocated to the softball field at Dona Larsen Park. 

The new scoreboard is a great addition to the stadium and puts the Double R Ranch scoreboard located in the north endzone to shame.

As the Broncos look to open their 2023 season on Sept. 2 in Seattle, Washington against University of Washington, there is hope of offensive growth and explosiveness as the off-season training continues.

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