Why students are picking up fiction writing as a hobby

Illustration by Sydney Smith

Humans are natural storytellers. Since the very beginning of time, humans have created and passed down stories from generation to generation. 

The process of creating stories and fictional narratives can provide the storyteller with a connection with others and allow an emotional release for the writer as they create an entirely fictional story which only they can control.

Creating a fictional story allows the writer to think more clearly about their situation. By pouring your emotions out into poetry or a fictional character, you can simply detach. 

Charles Pineda, a fiction Master of Fine Arts student and creative writing instructor at Boise State University, explained this process and how he teaches it to his own creative writing students.

“If you’re in a really bad situation, make your character go through it and what they do might surprise you,” Pineda said.

This idea can sound intimidating, but it works. Creative writing allows writers to step away from their personal life, and create an entirely fictional universe in which they are in control and there is no longer a need to conform to anyone else’s ideas or opinions.

When writing fiction, you are entirely free to write whatever you desire, even if it’s messy and chaotic.

“Don’t worry about having your character make smart choices,” Pineda said. “If characters made smart choices, you’d have no story.”

Writing is not a beautiful and clean art. Some of the best pieces of literature were derived from chaos. 

[Illustration of a writer hovering above a book.]
Illustration by Sydney Smith

Kara Killinger, a first year fiction Master of Fine Arts student, explained how writing fiction has been an outlet for her.

“Sometimes it is like emotional processing, but maybe there’s a story that can come out of it,” Killinger said.

Killinger and Pineda both explained that students often struggle with finding “story worthy” subjects. Though all it takes for an idea to be worth writing is compassion toward yourself, and just about anything that strikes an interest or emotion has the potential to be “story worthy.”

Boise State’s Freewrite Club is an open community for all those interested in writing, and whether you decide to share what you write is up to you.

Will Beaulieu, a viola performance student at Boise State, is one of many students to have benefited from the club’s opportunities.

“It (Freewrite Club) doesn’t need anything from you besides just you being here and participating in the culture. This can be a place for you to still be heard,” Beaulieu said.

A majority of the Freewrite Club members are not even literature or writing students, just those who find solace in creating stories.

Brady Wright, a games, interactive media and mobile student, has published five books outside of his studies..

“I write simply because if I think an idea is cool, I might as well do something with it,” Wright said.

Students often fear that writing is a chore, influenced by essays and analysis papers assigned in English classes. However, writing can be anything.

Letting go of your critical thinking for just a moment, and letting your mind wander among the pages of your own words can teach you so much, both about yourself and the world around you.

Daisy Rosenstock, a poetry master of fine arts student at Boise State said, “Writing inspires empathy.”

 Writing is a creative process and can then be used personally to examine how you are choosing to process your emotions or certain events.

Writing fiction, even for just yourself, is an extremely cathartic tool that often goes overlooked. There is power in letting your imagination run wild and displaying parts of yourself in words.

Allow yourself the opportunity to create. Whether it’s an intense fantasy world where you are the main character, or a poem expressing difficult emotions, let your mind wander.

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  1. David the writer

    I so love hearing stories like these. People of all stories should feel excited to write, whether it’s a diary, poems, song lyrics or a full-scale novel. Nobody expects you to be a professional artists just because you draw. Nobody demands that you get up on stage just because you like to sing. Writing stories as a hobby is a wonderful way to connect with all the ideas and imagery swimming around in your head. Any you never know where that might lead.

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