Four places to get active and keep costs down

Photo courtesy of Arianna Khariz

Boise is home to a variety of activities one can participate in to stay active, so much so it can be overwhelming.

Getting a good deal nowadays is also challenging. Whether you’re dealing with campus parking or the notorious $11 lucky charms in Market Boise, students must make every dollar count.

With that in mind, here are four great recreational activities in the Boise area that keep costs down.

These activities either offer a student discount or are under $30.

Vertical View

Boasting 150 climbing routes, 75 anchor points and 16,000 square feet of climbing area, the Vertical View rock climbing gym offers a dense rock climbing experience.

For a crisp $20, the gym offers a single-day access to all kinds of indoor climbing including belaying, bouldering and lead climbing. If you want to rent special climbing shoes and a harness, it will run you an additional $5 each.

On top of that, Vertical View has its own yoga center, weight room and even a pool table.

If you want to go regularly, Vertical View’s student discount knocks $10 off their monthly membership, totaling to $75 per month.

The staff is very friendly too. Firstcomers may be offered a tour of the facility and a quick belay safety course.

Vertical View is a great place to get a workout and have some fun at an affordable cost.

Bogus Basin

[Photo of a skier.]
Photo courtesy of Arianna Khariz

Bogus Basin is only 45 minutes away from campus and serves as a great place to hit some groomed runs, shred two terrain parks and get a good powder session in.

The resort has 10 lifts and 86 runs across 2,600 acres of beautiful snowy mountains.

While not the cheapest on the list, Bogus does offer some of the best rates for students.

Next season’s adult winter season pass starts at $589, but students can pick one up for $399. You would only have to go five times to get your money’s worth, as day tickets cost $79.

If that seems a little steep, Bogus also knocks $19 off the night pass for students, totaling to $119. If you’ve had a pass before, you can register as a “reloading young adult,” which cuts the price down to $99.

Bogus Basin also provides 25 mountain biking trails for the summer season in early June. 

Fourteen downhill mountain biking trails are accessible from the Morning Star chairlift, and 11 multi-use cross-country trails are available on the Deerpoint chairlift.

Summer passes are $149 for students and will become available on May 15.


Brundage is another great Idaho ski resort that is only two and a half hours away.

Their season pass is more expensive than Bogus Basin, but they offer a larger student discount. Their normal pass for next season is $699, and only $429 for students.

Brundage is strategically positioned to catch maximum snow from storms in the north, and their 26 feet of snow per year back that up.

The resort is home to plenty of tree skiing, a great backcountry experience, as well as two terrain parks. It may be a little bit further, but the variety on the mountain justifies the drive.

Their six chairlifts, 70 named runs and 1,500 acres are all that new or experienced skiers could ask for.

Get a pass quickly though, the price increases by $70 after May 1. 

Idaho Ice World

Just past Gowen Field lies the cheapest activity on the list: Ice skating at Idaho Ice World. 

A 10-minute drive and $12 fee will get you skates, access to the ice and the rinkside food court.

Public sessions typically last about two hours. This makes scheduling skate time a bit tricky, but the rink is usually open to everyone every Friday from 8 p.m. to 10 p.m.

Aside from that, weekends usually have a couple of two hour blocks open to the public. However, times can vary. 

You can also play pick-up hockey games at Ice World.

For $14 admission ($7 for goalies) you can schedule a pickup hockey session for an hour and 15 minutes at a time, with a max of 20 players. You are required to have your own protective gear.

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