OPINION: A guide to Treefort 2023

Taya Thornton | The Arbiter

Spring break is just around the corner, and that means Treefort is too.

Treefort is a five-day indie rock festival held annually in downtown Boise. March 2023 will kick off Treefort’s 11th year of musical performances and events like comedy shows and film screenings. 

This year, Treefort will take place March 22-26, and there are more than enough events to fill the week. However, with so much happening all at once, it can be difficult to figure out the best schedule to get the most out of the Treefort experience. 

Just like any other music festival, there are a lot of ways to prepare beforehand.

A mistake I made last year is not taking the time to listen to artists I was unfamiliar with before the festival. I enjoyed almost every performance I saw,  which makes me think about how many performances I would’ve enjoyed had I added them to my schedule. 

There are over 480+ bands playing at Treefort this year, and sadly there just isn’t enough time to see them all. By taking the time to go through the lineup and see what these artists are about, it will help to prioritize scheduling and almost guarantee you’ll enjoy every performance you see. 

Thankfully, Treefort makes it easy by having individual profiles for every artist and group playing under the “lineup” section on their website. These profiles include a short bio written by the artist and links to their music and social media. 

Treefort also created an app called the “Treefort Music Fest” that can be downloaded in the Apple Store or Google Play. This app allows users to view news, get notifications, listen to artists and favorite them. It also includes real-time line information for each venue and a link to the festival maps for easily accessible directions.

The app has a built-in schedule that is customizable based on what events and musical performances each user chooses to add. After schedules are made, there’s even the option to share schedules with friends and compare what events the other has added, right on the app.

[Punk rock band The Regrettes perform at Treefort Music Fest.]
Taya Thornton | The Arbiter

A standard tip for attending the festival is to be sure to get downtown and find the venues early on. Parking can be a hassle in Boise on a regular day and is especially bad when there are events going on. Another way to minimize this issue is by coordinating rides with friends.

Along with this, only bring along necessities. Keeping track of extra items when trying to enjoy a show or walking all day can be annoying. My checklist goes something like: keys, phone, ID, cash. The exception is making sure to have water on hand.

A few of the incredibly talented bands playing at this year’s Treefort were kind enough to share some tips with The Arbiter on how to best enjoy the festival and what they’re most excited to experience themselves.

Utah’s toughest team, Backhand, an energetic punk rock group from Salt Lake City, say the best way for people to experience festivals like Treefort is to go to as many shows as physically possible. 

They are most excited to see and hang out with their friends and said that “Treefort is a great place to make connections!”

Forty Feet Tall, a post-punk alternative rock band from Portland, Oregon, said they’re preparing for Treefort by doing lots of pushups, sit ups, crunches and stretching. They stress the importance of stretching.

To best experience Treefort, the band says to make sure you have a schedule planned out. 

“It’s super easy to miss acts you’d have loved to see if you’re not prepared before the weekend starts,” they said.

It’s difficult to have a bad experience at Treefort, and it’s completely possible to attend without any preparation. However, for those looking to maximize their time and get the most out of the festival, these tips should guide you in the right direction.

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